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[edit] Overview

Outskirts is the second playable level in Halo 2. After the first level in Cairo Station, the Master Chief and Sgt. Johnson now take the fight to the streets of New Mombasa in an attempt to protect Earth from the invading Covenant armada.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] They'll Regret That Too

Pelican fleet approaching New Mombasa

The initial cutscene sees Master Chief and The Sarge flying in over New Mombasa in a Pelican. Covenant Forces have occupied the city and a large Covenant cruiser is over the city. The Prophet of Regret is on the cruiser that's hovering above the city, so the Master Chief has to get aboard the Cruiser and secure the Prophet. Just as you and the marines are coming in over the city, you are surprised by a mammoth Scarab that ends up clipping the wing of your pelican with it's Scarab gun. Your Pelican crashes, then you and the Sergant along with the marines are left on the Outskirts of New Mombasa.

Head out the door ahead of you and go left. Watch for the Grunts in the alleyway. In the square ahead you will face your first firefight of the level. There will be Jackals and Grunts in the courtyard as well as Grunts occupying the landing above you on the building straight ahead. When you've killed the first wave, you will receive a checkpoint. Go upstairs to the landing where the grunt was firing on you from. There will be Elites on the rooftop above you. Kill them, and watch for the Jackals coming from the alleyway back on the ground level. After that wave, another wave of Elites and Grunts will spawn in the same alley as the jackals came from and the bend in the road to the left side of the street. Once you take them out you'll get another checkpoint. Next up is a wave of Jackals and an Elite from the door you entered the courtyard from initially. Some Drones will attack you after you've cleared that wave, followed by two more waves of the same Jackals and Elites. After that, a Phantom will hover over the battlefield and drop more reinforcements. It's possible to shoot the guns off the Phantom, but at this stage it's a waste of ammo. Get into cover from the Plasma cannons and take out the Elites that the Phantom drops, and then you will face the culmination of the firefight. Hunters.

The gate to the left of the courtyard will explode and a pair of Hunters will emerge. You know by now hot to take hunters out. Use Plasma Grenades to disorientate the Hunters and then fire on their exposed inner core. Repeat this a few times and the Hunters will be taken out in no time. Continue out the gate that the Hunters burst through to start your journey to a clear Landing Zone for the Pelican extraction.

When you go through the gate, you will be presented with an alley. This is a good time to go to Sargent Johnson and take his Sniper Rifle. Swap it for something of your own and continue on. In the alleyway, you will find Jackal resistance, but these aren't regular Jackals, they're Jackals with Beam Rifles. Use your Sniper Rifle to kill them all and clear the alley out. This will clear the way for a Pelican to land and Sargent Johnson will be extracted from the battlefield, leaving you to carry on with your Marine support. Now you will come across what has been, not so fondly, dubbed as "Sniper Alley" by the Halo community. This alley is populated by ground force Jackals, also, in the ruins of the buildings above and around the alley, there will be approximately 10 Sniper Jackals, as well as Drones. It's important to take out the Snipers first. On anything other than Normal difficulty, these will give you a very hard time. There are about 10 in all, so look in every nook and cranny that you can see for them. Also, the tell-tale purple tracer will give them away as they fire at your marine compatriots. Clear the regular Jackals and Drones and continue on through the alley.

After you're finished in the alley, take out any Covenant forces at the back of the alley and continue on to the next part of the level. Pathways will lead you up to a ledge above the Club Zanzibar, where human and covenant forces are locked in a battle. Take out the Covenant forces and head into the club. Use your flashlight to illuminate the way, and watch your motion tracker. A group of Elites will run past you. Take them out and continue out the back of the club. A Phantom will be hovering outside. Use cover to avoid the plasma cannons and take out the small pocket of resistance it drops.

[edit] A Day At The Beach

After that, a marine will dive up in a Warthog and get out. Grab the hog and head off to the crash site. Follow the path, keeping the coastline on your right hand side. This will lead you to a clearing with a lot of Covenant and some Ghosts, complete with a new addition to Halo2, the Sniper Nest. Let your AI partner do a lot of the shooting here, and run over as many covenant troops as you can with your Hog. Continue out the back of the clearing once your done and you will come into the same style clearing again, this time, instead of the Sniper Nest, you will find a Phantom dropping troops. Use the Warthog to evade the plasma cannons of the Phantom, and again, run over as many of the troops it drops while your AI gunner does the leg work.

Dismount the Warthog when the troops have been killed. There will be a building in the middle of the clearing, a human pillbox type building. Go inside and climb the ladder. On the roof you will rind a Rocket Launcher. Use it to target the Plasma Cannons on the looming Phantom. Hold the Right trigger to lock on and fire a rocket at each of the 3 cannons, then hit the Sniper Nest with a rocket to knock it off it's podium. From here, you can hijack a Ghost. It's faster and more combat friendly than having to rely on your AI partners to do the shooting. Use your Ghost to kill the enemy Ghosts that have now dropped in the area, and to take out the Elites that come out of the Covenant Drop Pods, then follow the way point into the tunnel you're being guided towards. If you didn't already have a Ghost, there is one waiting inside the mouth of the Tunnel.

[edit] Speed Zone Ahead

Head down the tunnel further to get on your way to the bridge you need to get to. On 3 occasions you will find Covenant resistance, but they should pose no real danger. Use your Ghost's superior firepower and maneuverability to out gun them and continue to the next fight each time. On the fourth time, you will notice a huge hole in the surface of the tunnel. As you get closer to it, the Scarab will fire in through the roof and while you're distracted by the pretty green fireworks show, some enemy Ghosts will show up. Don't let them catch you off guard as they can destroy you in no time at all if you're not careful. You'll get a checkpoint here, then you'll find a new vehicle that I'm pretty sure in saying you won't ever see again in this game. The Covenant Shadow, a passenger and vehicle escort vehicle. You'll find a convoy of 4 Shadows trying to escape from the tunnel. Chase them in your ghost and shoot out the driver. They aren't drivable, nor can you hijack them, so don't waste your time trying. They do, however, have a Ghost behind the driver, so if you need a new ghost, you can grab it from the Shadow once you've killed the driver. Wipe out all four of them and continue on.

In the last small section, you will find a Grunt on top of a truck with a turret and a stationary Shadow. Take them out and continue up to the exit mouth of the tunnel to progress to the next level, Metropolis.

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