To get the Achievement Overkill, You must Get an Overkill in a ranked free-for all Playlist. The only current way to get this is in Lone wolves. To get an overkill, You must kill four enemies within 4 seconds of each other. It is worth 5 G.

This achievement can be achieved at the same time as the Triple Kill and Steppin' Razor achievements.

[edit] Strategies

  • Most People can get an overkill by Grenade Spamming and then picking people off with a Battle Rifle or Assault Rifle in Snowbound, in the underground part.
  • Another Strategy is to use a Shotgun and a bubble shield in King of the hill.
  • In Snowbound or Epitaph get either the Shotgun or the Gravity Hammer and camp next to the shield doors and hope to lure enough people in to get the overkill. It is easier to do with the hammer because of it's lunge.
  • On The Pit you can turret people as they walk into the hill.
  • It's easiest to get this in a game of Swords, as everyone always runs into the middle of the map and you can normally find enough people around to get the overkill.

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