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Overshield.jpgOvershield from Halo 3.

The Overshield is a power-up and allows for a 9 second invulnerability when you pick it up. Unlike in Halo and Halo 2, the Overshield only gives you X2 Overshields.

[edit] Counteracting

Counteracting the overshield can be tough, but its easy with the right weapons. Three sniper shots will take down a person with an Overshield. A shot from a Shotgun, followed by a melee attack is usually enough to take down someone with an Overshield as well. A fully charged Plasma Pistol blast can completely get rid of an Overshield with ease. The Needler is also very effective at taking down a player with an Overshield, it takes only 7 Needles to kill someone with an Overshield by using the Needler.

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