Pillar of Autumn

This Marathon-class vessel has seen its fair share of fights to hold its own. It was even around during the events of Halo Wars(as Serina says that th Pillar of Autumn was carring prototype tanks called Plasma rhinos for there on ground mission that was approaching). Yet just barley escaping the Battle/Fall of Reach, it was able to slip in to slipspace and travel as far as Installation 04/ Halo. There a short battle had taken place where the the reliable Master Cheif was ordered to be woken from Cryo-sleep and engae the enemy forces boarding the ship. During the battle the Autumn's heavy cannons were disabled forcing Captain Jacob Keys to make a great sacrifice and order the ship evacuated and preped for a crash onto this highly unknown structure(Halo). Once on ground the crew still aboard the ship that had survived left in hopes to meet up with the scattered crew of the lifeboats the successfully made it onto the ring structure alive. About 2 days later, the Master Cheif and the A.I.(advanced intellagance) Cortana made their way back to the Autumn on a Banshee they usedd to escape the Truth and Recanciliation. Although there they met with heavy resistence from the Moniter/343 Guilty Spark, they, from the bridge were able to set the Autumn's fusion reactors into high alert and started a count down for them to blow, thus destroying installation 04. From the Fusion reactors they rode in a warthog all the way to a rendevzous point where the reliant Bowhammer was supposed to evac them from a near by landing pad. On arrival to the evac site Bowhammer was engaged by multiple banshees(about 3 to 5) which in the course of preping for their evac she was shot down thus dooming her to a fatal end. Although Bowhammer was gone Cortana scanned the ship and found that a remaining in tact Longsword fighter was still docked. Moving on in their warthog (thanks to the cheifs incredible driving skills) they were able to drive their way near the medium sized fighter and fought their way to it. Onboard he got the fighter up and running as the Autumn's and the rings final moments were approaching. Making it out by the with a few seconds to spare, the autumn's fusion reactors blew thus ending her and the large, ancient devises existence.

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