Plasma Cannon

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Covenant Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon.JPG
Spartan firing Plasma Cannon

The Plasma Cannon is the Covenant equivalent of the Machine Gun Turret. It has the exact same rate of fire, but is weaker. It is not found in muliplayer. The Plasma Cannon is operated by Green Armor wearing Gunner Grunts, Elites, and detached ones are equipped by Brute Chieftans. It has a 65 degree turn and fires at 300 RPM.

In Halo 3 Campaign the Plasma Cannon comes in two forms: as a mounted weapon operated with unlimited ammunition, and as a detached, portable weapon. The Master Chief can detach any mounted Plasma Cannon that he operates - when detached the Plasma Cannon has a payload of 200 rounds. Unlike nearly every other weapon at your disposal in Campaign mode, this starting payload is the same regardless of how much the cannon was used before being detached. Also, unlike other weapons, you can pick up the Plasma Cannon without dropping either of your two main weapons. Once picked up, your view switches to a third person perspective. Even the massive Spartan armor is unable to carry this weapon easily, so you will not be able to throw grenades and the Master Chief's movement is appropriately awkward.

[edit] Plasma Cannon Accuracy

In Halo 3, the Plasma cannon has great accuracy when used in its mounted form. However, when carried by the Master Chief it has a significant kickback that causes the weapon to tilt upwards when fired continuously. In Campaign mode you will encounter the Plasma cannon in its mounted and unmounted form - it is recommended that when you find any Plasma Cannons you find in the mounted form, use it mounted to clear as many enemies as possible before ripping it out of its mount. This increases accuracy as well as conserving ammo.

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