Plasma Grenade

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Covenant Plasma Grenade
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The plasma grenade is the most effective thrown weapon in Halo. Its distinctive blue radiant glow makes it easy to spot as it flies, and easy to spot where it lands - to the benefit of players in either Campaign or Multiplayer modes. Thanks to its ability to stick on vehicles and enemies that it lands on, and also due to its powerful blast, the plasma grenade is extremely effective.

When in the hands of a novice, the Plasma Grenade can still be a dangerous weapon. However, if thrown by a veteran the weapon becomes lethal. This is accomplished due to its unique adhesive properties that can distinguish a target from the surrounding architect. The plasma gernade sticks on enemies if hit; even if it lands near the enemy, it will still kill him if it lands close enough.

Halo Reach: Plasma Grenade

In Halo 3, a medal is awarded if the player kills an opponent by sticking a grenade to the player and killing him.

In Campaign mode, suicide Grunts will sometimes activate one or two Plasma Grenades in their hands and run at you in the hopes of killing you. Kill them and they will drop the grenades and kill those around them instead.

  • Note, the Brute Spike Grenade introduced in Halo 3 makes for a similarly powerful "stickybomb", minus the telltale blue glow.
  • Plasma Grenades were also used for Grenade Jumping in previous halos. The way you did this was to throw a grenade at your feet and, with time, patience, and numerous lost lives, you could get to know how long the grenade was going to take to blow up. If you jumped right as it blew up, you would be propelled upwards and onto otherwise inaccessible levels. I suppose this will be obsolete in Halo Reach, as the Jetpack armour ability will put an end to needing to propel yourself in such a dangerous way when you have a jetpack at your disposal.
  • You could also launch Plasma grenades if you had 2. The method was simple. Throw one plasma grenade on the ground, then, as it's about to explode, throw another one past the one on the ground. The explosion would further propel the second grenade through the air, and with a lot of practice, you could get to understand the physics of the grenade and learn to launch them with precision.

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