Plasma Pistol

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Covenant Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a Covenant weapon which is used mostly used by Grunts and Drones. Along with being able to shoot very fast, you can also over charge it to disable an opponents shields and vehicles. This is also Part of the Noob Combo, which is the act of a Plasma Pistol disabling one's shields, and a punch. This can also be done with the punch being replaced with a Battle Rifle headshot or a pistol headshot.

On its own, it is pretty useless but duel-weld, this weapon leaves the enemy vunerable and a single shot from a battle rifle will end its life.

The Plasma Pistol is also seen in the MLG playlist as a good effective tool to taking down enemies quickly.

[edit] Halo 3/Reach

The Plasma Pistol had a major makeover in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. It still works in the same fashion as it did in the other games, except for one important extra. The Pistol now delivers and EMP burst when it hits a vehicle, temporarily disabling the vehicle, giving you precious time to take out the driver. There's nothing like the feeling of hitting a banshee with a fully charged Plasma Pistol and watching it plummet to the ground as the pilot curses your very existence.

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