Plasma Rifle

Covenant Plasma Rifle
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GamesHalo 1,2,3

The Plasma Rifle is widely used by the Covenant Troops and it's the Elites weapon of choice. With a high rate of fire and the ability to shoot at high velocity makes this weapon prone to overheating. To counter the overheating a small fail safe device has been embedded that activates to stop the weapon overheating at a certain temperature.

The Plasma Rifle remains mostly unchanged from Halo through to Halo 3, and can be dual wielded in all three titles. However, its graphics have changed as the Halo game graphics have improved - in Halo 3 the Plasma Rifles discharge a noticeably brighter blazing plasma discharge that arguably causes more glare and reduced visibility during heated combat (especially in darker areas).

Dual Wielded Plasma Rifles are extremely effective and absolutely devastating in Campaign mode.

The Brutes have their own version of this weapon, the Brute Plasma Rifle. There's not much difference between the two versions, most noticeably is the colour, which is red and a higher discharge rate, but also reaches the maximum temperature more quickly. In Halo 3, the Spiker replaced the Brute Plasma Rifle.

[edit] Strategy

The Plasma Rifle is especially effective when it comes to depleting your opponent's shields. Combined with a weapon such as the SMG or the Spiker, you can create possibly the most deadly duel-wield weapon combination in the game. Using the Plasma Rifle for taking down shields, and the SMG or Spiker for finishing them off, you are able to kill opponents at short to medium range easily.

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