ProtoGravemind.jpgCaptain Keyes after his transformation to Proto-Gravemind
SizeVariable, depending on growth stage.
FeaturesLarge tentacles connect the brain to it's surroundings for support

[edit] Creation

A Proto-Gravemind is the first stage of what would later go on to become an all-knowing Gravemind. At first, it seems like this advanced Flood Brain type creature is formed when the Flood need to preform a complex task, such as pilot a large starship. As we know from later on in the Halo series, it's possible for a regular Combat Form to drive a Warthog or Ghost. They might not be the most gracious drivers ever, but their simple functions allow them to preform the task. It seems that Proto-Graveminds are created for larger tasks, but end up becoming much more than a being to simply fly a starship.

- More to come -

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