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Brute Prowler
300px-Brute Prowler 2.jpg
Halo 3's Brute Prowler
Primary WeaponPlasma Turret
Secondary WeaponFront Spikes

The Brute Prowler is one of the least used vehicles in Halo 3, along with the Spectre. It is a Brute manufactured vehicle, mostly used for reconnaissance and light assault. It bears many resemblances to the Spectre. It is a longer vehicle than the Spectre and both hovers and has ski-like tracks for smooth riding. It has the same general shape and almost the exact same Plasma Turret mounted on the front. However, the Prowler differentiates itself from the rest of the vehicles for a few reasons.

  • It is driven "backwards" to all intents and purposes. The turret is a raised part of the vehicle and it is directly in front of the driver, leaving the driver practically blind and the gunner needs to do a lot of the seeing for the driver.
  • It only has room for 2 occupants. One driver and one gunner. Unlike the Spectre, the Prowler cannot have passengers seated on the vehicle's wings as there are no similar sections on the Prowler to allow for such a function.
  • It has a strange method of propulsion. It is a strange hybrid of Covenant and Human tehnology. It has skis on the front that allow for smooth motion over rough terrain, but also runs on Covenant-style hover propulsion. A smart combination, to say the least.

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