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Regret is the seventh playable mission in Halo 2. It directly follows the level, Delta Halo. This mission you play as Master Chief, your mission is to kill the Prophet of Regret.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Testament

You will start with a Beam Rifle and a SMG, once the cut scene finishes Drones will fly down and attack, kill them but keep a look out for Elites too. I would run up the ramp and turn right and wait for the Elite to come at you and headshot it with the Beam Rifle, as once he is dead, you can concentrate full attention to the Drones. Once those guys are dead, go through the door where the Elite came from. The next bit might take time as there are snipers everywhere, first swap the SMG for the Carbine and head out. There should be a sniper to your left. Once you kill him a grunt will come out from around the corner, ignore him as the Marines will take him, over his head is another sniper. If you step forward and look about 30 degrees right of the second sniper there will be another sniper, once he is dead proceed to kill the Elites and Grunts. Head over the bridge and there will be another sniper waiting for you. Continue ahead and turn left and continue around that corner there is an Elite. The next bit it is best to spam grenades as there are a lot of enemies in a small amount of area.

Once you think you have the bulk of them, run through and melee the rest. Once those are dead two Jackals will come through the door where you are heading. Once out there is a tunnel, DO NOT GO ACROSS STRAIGHT AWAY. There are a lot of snipers, these are not hard to locate as they are normally visible if you take quick looks out. There are also Elites with them but the main target should be the Snipers first. I found a good gap between the pillars which is like threading the needle where you can kill 3 snipers and an Elite without being fired at but whatever method is good. Once the bulk are dead, run out and kill the rest.

Once that happens a Phantom will come out and drop of two Hunters. When the Phantom is approaching; hide somewhere so you do not get shot by their turrets. Once it has left come out and kill the Hunters. One Beam Rifle shot in their open Orange back will kill them. Once they are dead, an Ammo drop will happen. I would take the Battle rifle and the Sniper, whilst giving the Marine a shotgun. Whatever you choose make it quick as a Gondola will arrive being enemies. Reload ammo, get on the Gondola and continue.

[edit] One Way Ticket

‘’’Note: Any melee attack from an honour guard is a One hit kill no matter how much shield you have.’’’ As soon as the screen goes back to normal on the right (relative to the way you are facing to start the Gondola) will be Drones. Kill them and look ahead at the coming gondola. Now before it comes swap the Sniper Rifle with the shotgun you gave the Marine. Once here go to the top floor and the closest edge to them and jump to the closest edge to you. Once there go head hunting with the shotgun. After they are dead go back switch weapons and continue.

Go to the front of the Gondola and zoom in fully and aim at the tower ahead. If you look carefully, you can see two snipers take them out. Once they are dead aim at the top of the turret and kill the grunts on the turret. Once they are dead look dead ahead and keep the crosshair on the door, as a sniper will appear. Once you kill him grab out you Battle Rifle and shot the grunt heading into the turret, you will do that again once more, shot the sniper and then look at the opposite turret and kill the grunt. Once the bridge is up run straight and kill the two Jackals at the door. Go in and kill the Jackals. Once the Jackals are killed there will be some Drones, kill them too. Once they are dead a lift will come up with three Jackals. Kill them by throwing one Plasma Grenade into the middle of the lift. Once they are dead proceed into the lift, don’t start the lift until all your Marines are in. A neat little trick is if you are out of ammo for your sniper, leave one bullet in there and swap around the guns until you get the sniper with 12 rounds.

Once the lift stops head out and you will come to a hallway where you can see Grunts walking around and some sleeping, grab out your sniper and wait until you can get a two for one deal (shot once and get to kills). After that swap to your Battle rifle go down and kill the rest. Once they are dead continue up the ramp, you can go right or left. Whichever way you go, go upstairs and right. You will then be spotted by a Honor Guard with an Energy Sword draw him into the doorway you came from and headshot him with the sniper. After that just try to survive and kill all your enemies. There will be Jackal snipers and Drones. After that a massive horde of enemies comprising of Honor Guard elites, Jackals and Drones will come, kill them. Once they are all dead some Hunters will come out, once again one snipe shot to the back is a one hit kill.

Once they are dead, you will come to a room like before except this time you will see Active Camouflage Elites and Grunts. After they are dead an Active Camo Elite with a sword will run down at you. Kill him and go up the ramp. Once the door opens, you shall see an Honor Guard, run out and assassinate him with a gun and not the Energy sword. Wait until you see an Honor Guard and kill him with the sword. Once the second Elite is dead, go and kill the grunts. Once outside, kill the enemies in any manner. You can now wait at the top of the ridge for ammo and back up.

Once you have grabbed the sniper and battle rifle and given the marine a shotgun proceed on wards. First you will see a sniper, kill him, and once he is dead kill the enemies with any mater. Once that wave is dead a phantom will drop off new enemies, once they have perished at your hands. Head on over towards the gondola and swap the sniper for the rocket launcher due to the fact that there will be unboardable banshees attacking you but before that make sure the sniper is on the gondola. They will come one from each side, kill them and look ahead at the gondola coming at you. This time grab any middle range weapon as these enemies will have jet-packs. Once they are dead look ahead and at the heavy guarded island. Kill as many of them before they shot you. If you use the sniper’s zoom to aim the rocket launcher this can be done with quite ease.

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