Rocket Launcher

UNSC Rocket Launcher
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The Rocket Launcher
Clip Size2 Rockets
Ammo Capacity6 Rockets (Halo 3)

The Rocket Launcher fires explosive missile projectiles. Not only is the Rocket Launcher a effective weapon against vehicles, it's also very effective against ground forces. But be careful, due to its large blast radius, it can also be quite devastating against its user. On all Halo games if fired within a 2 meter radius of an opponent, it was an automatic kill.


[edit] Variants

The Rocket Launcher has changed quite a bit over the course of the Halo trilogy.

[edit] Halo: Combat Evolved

The Rocket Launcher in the first Halo game was the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher. This version had no lock-on capabilities, and was slightly less accurate than its successors. Its clip capacity was limited to 2 rockets, but it was possible to hold up to 10 rockets while using it.

[edit] Halo 2

This is possibly the most devastating Rocket Launcher. This version was still considered to be the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher, but with some major differences. Although the rockets traveled much slower in this variant than the other games, it came with a very useful lock-on targeting system. It was able to lock-on to any vehicle that was currently being used by an opponent. This variant was only able to hold up to 8 rockets.

[edit] Halo 3

Halo 3 introduced the M41 SSR MAV/AW. This Rocket Launcher variant has no lock-on ability, but the rockets travel faster and the explosion radius is increased slightly. This new variant can only hold 6 rockets, making it the worse in that category. An interesting disadvantage about this variant is that the rockets can actually be deflected by explosions and Gravity Hammer discharges. In several double exp weekend playlists, the rocket launcher is featured exclusively. It is also the only weapon the player has access to in the gametype, Rocket Race.

[edit] Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach arguably has the most devastating Rocket Launcher variant of all the Halo games. This variant is noticeably both faster in its rocket traveling speed, and also yields a must higher splash damage radius than in previous iterations.

While the Rocket Launcher has always been considered a "must get" weapon in any multiplayer match, it is even more so desired in Halo: Reach as it can be utilized in virtually any situation with ease due to its upgrades. In particular, the improvement in the speed of the projectiles makes it possible to use against personnel across longer distances than ever before.

However, one could also argue that these enhancements to its power are simply to make it more evenly matched to the Armor Abilities introduced in Halo: Reach. Armor Lock, in particular, is quite the anti-Rocket Launcher ability as it can deflect the projectiles if it is timed correctly. The introduction of the Sprint ability also makes it difficult to hit a person who is running perpendicular to you, thus the introduction of a much larger blast radius. Bungie seems to have taken this same direction with Fragmentation Grenades, which have seen similar upgrades in strength and radius, making them better suited to go up against the Armor Abilities.

The lock-on ability is also back from Halo 2. However, it is only capable of seeking aircraft, such as the Falcon or Banshee in multiplayer, and also the Phantom in campaign. As opposed to Halo 2, in which the Rocket Launcher could also lock-on to ground vehicles.

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