The SPARTAN-II Program is the second program in the SPARTAN project, which is a secret UNSC project to create unique and highly skilled super-soldiers in mean of physical skills and mental enchantment and development. Major phase of this program was also to create a series of hardened and highly advanced exoskeleton armors for the super-soldiers, with latest technologies. One of the most notable individual to participate in this program is Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey and Captain Jacob Keyes. This program was so successful it held and made one of the most recognized super-soldier that ever existed, John-177, the Master Chief.

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[edit] Background

[edit] The First Launch

The project of SPARTAN program was first initiated to create a powerful group of military units that act as the final line in the defensive plan, or as a force to erase rebels and insurrectionists, the SPARTAN-I was first introduced and cancelled later on. Years later another part of the original program was suggested by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey from the ONI fraction. The UNSC approved it and it started to take place and was on the run. The SPARTAN-II super soldiers were expected to handle deadly and impossible missions and battles, and are expected to reduce general human use of Marines and weaker individuals.

The program testers, or the Super-Soldiers candidates themselves must be chosen in a specific criteria in order for this program to witness success, and they must be real young. The workers at the SPARTAN-II program, with DR.Halsey in the lead, chosen over two hundred possible candidates for the project. Those who were chosen were one of the best children throughout the Human colonies, each with super physical strength and endurance, mental and strategical abilities, and war instinct and values. Despite the fact that major phase of this project was developing highly advanced exoskeleton armors, and equipping them to the candidates, natural physical and artificial enhancement to the powerful subjects themselves were necessary.

Half of the original candidates made it to the program list, and decreased to seventy-five children at the age of six. The children were kidnapped and replaced with simulating bots that were programmed to manifest natural deaths later on. The children were taken to the main facility of the SPARTAN-II program and were introduced to their future roles as human kind saviors.

[edit] Training the Subjects

The possible Candidates alongside John-117 were taken to the Human colony of Reach where they took hard and impossible missions and training campaigns that other children wouldn't survive doing it, they were trained on the hands of the legendary Franklin Mendez. In addition to physical trainings and educations that pushed their abilities limit to the boundaries beyond possible, the candidates also received education in various fields such as critical thinking, history, language, math and general science.

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