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The Scarab is a truly terrifying behemoth of a vehicle that the Covenant have manufactured. In Halo: Combat Evolved, nothing matched the scale of this beast, in either size or destructive capabilities. It wasn't until Halo 2 that the Scarab was first introduced on the 4th level, Outskirts. As a precursor of things to come, the Master Chief and Sargent Johnson's first encounter with a Scarab is when it surprises them in a Pelican and shoots it down, sending them spiraling to the ground and to the start of the level.
A Scarab from Halo 3

In Halo 2, you will never physically fight a Scarab. On the following level, Metropolis, you will be tasked with disabling the Scarab. You do this by jumping off a bridge and taking on the Covenant forces inside. The only destructible part of the Scarab in Halo 2 is a Plasma Turret on the back.

In Halo 3, the Scarab became a more believable enemy and not just a walking base. It's movement was upgraded and it's animation now looked more natural. It now moved like a spider and it was chilling to see it come scurrying over a mountain to get at you. It moved freakishly fast, but it seems this upgraded maneuverability came at a cost. each of the Scarab's legs were now vulnerable to heavy fire. Using a Rocket Launcher or in some cases even just the gun from a Warthog was enough to knock one of it's legs out. Once you'd weakened the spider like beast, the ramp at the rear of the Scarab would open up, leaving it's core exposed and making it fall to the ground. After a few moments the Scarab will get back up, but it's inner core will stay exposed and sustained fire will bring the beast down.

[edit] Weaponry

On the vehicle itself, the Scarab only has 2 weapons. One of which is fairly insignificant when compared with the other. The Scarab has a 360 degree plasma turret rear-mounted on it's tail, allowing for full rotation to expose enemies at any angle.

The second weapon is by far where the Scarab's devastation gets very unique. On the front, the Scarab has a mounted cannon that is unlike any other cannon mounted to a vehicle in any of the Halo games. The cannon is the entire size of the front of the scarab. It takes a couple of seconds to charge up, but when it fires, the Scarab Cannon can destroy anything in it's wake. It fires a massively explosive and concentrated beam of plasma that will burn straight through any flesh or metal it comes in contact with and along with it's explosive capabilities, considering the splash damage from the initial explosion is fatal up to 15 to 20 feet, the Scarab Cannon is one the the most devastating forces available to the covenant, and the most devastating ground force they have at their disposal.

Don't forget to look for the Scarab Gun if you're up for a challenge.

The Scarab is a heavily armored spider-like tank. It is armed with a primary plasma cannon on the front, which fires heavy blasts of super heated energy. Its secondary weapon is the plasma turret on the back of the tank, which can rotate 360 degrees making it a devastating weapon. The scarabs weak point is the spring like hydraulics in its legs. Once the legs have received significant damage, the Scarab will become temporarily paralyzed, giving some time for the player to board the Scarab and make their way to the energy core at the back of the tank. A series of shots from a weapon or a series of melee's should cause enough damage required to destroy the Scarab.

The Scarab can be found on later levels in the game.

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