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[edit] Definition of Destruction

The Scarab Gun is almost the best kept secret in a game, besides the skulls themselves in Halo 2. I'm about to tell you how to get the Scarab gun on the level Metropolis, in Halo 2.

[edit] What is it?

First of all, I hear you asking, "What is the scarab gun?". Well, you know the Scarab, right? Ok, well when the scarab shows up and devastates everything in it's path with that juggernaut of a cannon attached to it's front? Well, the Scarab Gun is that gun, in handheld form. Of course, it is very tricky to get. Every time you see a scarab firing it's cannon, it's a scarab gun spawning inside that cannon, firing, then disappearing. The problem is that it's incredibly difficult to make your Spartan be where the Scarab gun fires from at that precise moment. Of course there are ways that this can be achieved, but in this guide, I'll be telling you how to get the Metropolis Scarab Gun, as it spawns and stays there, instead of needing you to be flying past a Scarab as it fires.

[edit] Ready up

First things first, there's a couple of points to be made:

  • This Scarab Gun is located in Halo 2. They are available in Halo 3 as far as I know, but my expertise doesn't extend that far. Anybody who knows how to access Halo 3 Scarab guns should edit this page with instructions for how to get them.
  • The Scarab Gun in question is quite tricky to get to. You will see why when you read on, but I recommend that you do it on Easy before attempting it on any other difficulty.
  • The Scarab Gun will disappear when you go to the level after Metropolis, so have your fun with it within the boundaries of the level.
  • It might look like a Plasma Rifle, but I assure you, it is not. Do not fire at enemies close to you. The Scarab Gun is highly powerful and fires a concentrated and explosive beam of Plasma. It's splash damage is fatal to about 10 feet.

[edit] Walkthrough

The Scarab Gun on top of the level Metropolis

Load up the level Metropolis to start with. You'll want to start the level and kill any friendly marines that spawn with you. You need to control the Covenant forces and have nobody killing them other than you. You will spawn on one side of the bridge, on a Scorpion Tank. As I said, dispose of any friendly units on your Scorpion and continue across the bridge. Take out any Elites, Ghosts and Wraiths that spawn. Do not kill the Banshees. When you get to the mouth of the tunnel at the opposite end of the bridge, clean up any forces at the entrance, then look to the skies when you've disposed all of the ground forces. This is where things get tricky. Kill all the Banshees except for one.

Now dismount your Scorpion and go into the mouth of the cave. Fire at the remaining Banshee so it comes towards you. What you need to do is make it follow you into the tunnel. Sometimes it can be hard to get it into the tunnel with you, but with some firing, it will get caught on the wall and turn to follow you down. Now things get trickier. There are no hard and fast rules to this part, but what you need to do is kill any Covenant in the tunnel, while still keeping the Banshee following you. There are 2 sections to the tunnel. Don't just leave the Banshee though, keep looking back at it and firing at it once or twice so it is still targeting you. If you don't, it can sometimes simply disappear from behind you.

So fight on through the tunnel while the Banshee is still behind you. When you come to the dead end, there will be a tiny tunnel that's only barely the size of the Banshee that the Chief has to exit through. This is the hardest part of the entire process.

When all the enemies are killed, approach the Banshee when it's stuck on a wall and, any way you can without killing it, break it's two wings off. This can either be accomplished by melee attacking the wings. Be careful if you do this. Hitting the Banshee will wear down the Elite inside's shields. If you hear his shields depleting, stop hitting the wings as you need the Banshee to have a pilot when it goes into the tunnel. Either melee or use the splash damage from grenades to blow both wings off.

Read the next part carefully as you will have to start all over again if you do not carry it out properly.

Now get the Banshee into the hole. This is by far the trickiest part. It might be smart to do this part of the tunnel a couple of times before you try to get the gun. There will be a loading point halfway up the tiny tunnel. The Banshee can only fit in when it has no wings, which is why you broke them off. You need to hijack the Banshee as you go over the Loading point halfway up the tunnel. If you do it too early, the Banshee will disappear. If you do it too late, the Banshee will disappear. You need to be on the side of the Banshee, kicking the Elite out, as the game is displaying "Loading..." in the top left of the screen. If you do this properly, you will come out of the tunnel piloting the banshee.

Now the easy part. If you fly straight up, you will see a huge skybridge that looks like it's too far away to reach. It looks like part of the background scenery. Fly straight up towards it. Once you get up to it, jump out. There will be a traffic cone sitting in the middle of the sky bridge with, what looks like, a Plasma Rifle floating above it. Take it. This is the Scarab Gun. Congratulations! Now go and wreak as much havoc as you can with it, and if you're feeling more adventurous, look for some more complex guides about how to snatch the Scarab Guns from inside the Scarab as it fires.

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