Silent Cartographer

[edit] The Silent Cartographer

Is a level from Halo: Combat Evolved. It was a level where the Chief and some members of the UNSC were dropped on a beach to investigate a structure nearby. You were dropped by a Warthog with some Infantry, and had to drive west down the beach.

You will meet some Covenant resistance on the way, but it's nothing you can't barge through in your hog. Trekking along the dirt trail, you will find the entrance to an underground complex, full of elites. Some with Energy Swords and Active Camouflage. The complex is a series of corridors that leads to a giant drop and some sort of terminal.

Once you've activated the Terminal, you will find a detailed map of the Halo Ring that you are on. Cortana and the Chief investigate it further to find out where you need to go next..

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