[edit] Skulls

[edit] What are they?

A Skull from Halo 3

Skulls have been part of the Halo universe since Halo 2. When Halo 2 first came out, nobody knew anything about them. It took the community a long time to even notice they existed in the game, because they were so well hidden. They are simply human skulls that are hidden throughout Halo 2 and Halo 3. They do different things when you pick them up, but beware, the skull's effect only wears off when you turn the game off.

[edit] How do I get them?

Well, there is only one stipulation in your skull quest, and that is that you need to be on Legendary difficulty. There are various other circumstances that need to come about for certain skulls, but the only overall rule is that the game difficulty needs to be on Legendary before any skulls will appear.

[edit] How many skulls are there?

Well, in Halo 2, here is the list, in alphabetical order:

[edit] Halo 2 Skulls

[edit] Halo 3 Skulls

In Halo 3, the skulls were much less of a secret. In actual fact, there was achievements for finding them. Once you found them, they were unlocked on your profile and you could equip them from the start of any level. There were Silver skulls and Gold skulls. The Gold Skulls provide multipliers to your Campaign META Game, whereas Silver Skulls don't. So not only were skulls now achievements, but they had to be used to earn other achievements.

[edit] Silver Skulls

[edit] Gold Skulls

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