Snowbound is a small to medium-sized map featuring two Forerunner structures doubling as bases on the map. There's more to Snowbound than initially meets the eye, however, as an underground, intertwined tunnel system connects the two bases. The sentry guns located on the map's edge prevent players from escaping the confines of Snowbound alive. Much to everyones distaste, people tend to camp in the bases or underground, and hardly ever use the outside. To counter this, Bungie updated team doubles to play on "hardcore snowbound" which removes the shotgun, and replaces it with a sniper. Also, took the sniper and laser out of the bases, and replaced the Camo with another overshield.

In a recent update with the match-making, Snowbound only has a lone sniper on the map and 2 Overshields (No Active Camo anymore). The shotgun is now gone and the Battle Rifles are replaced with Carbines.


[edit] Vehicles

Snowbound contains only one vehicle, a lone Ghost located between the Overshield and the underground tunnel.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Equipment and Powerups

[edit] Strategies

The most common strategy on this map is to hold down the underground tunnel. It normally has a Shotgun, but on the common Hardcore variant of this map, it is replaced by a Beam Rifle, making this tactic less efficient. Another good strategy is to utilize the the Beam Rifle and the other long-range weapons, such as the Carbine and the Battle Rifle, to cover the open areas of of the map. This isn't suggested though if you are not good at long-range conflicts. Also, Be sure to keep getting the Overshield and Active Camo in order to maintain the advantage.

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