Spartan Laser

Spartan Laser
M6 G Spartan Laser
Ammo Capacity100% Charge
Charge Capacity5 Shots(4 in Halo: Reach)

The Spartan Laser is a high-power directed-energy weapon employed by the UNSC. The weapon's energy-based rounds have excellent penetration characteristics and are capable of tearing through multiple targets without losing lethality. The Spartan Laser was only introduced in Halo 3, but is also available in Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach and the Spartan unit is equipped with it after an upgrade in Halo Wars. The Spartan Laser must undergo a "cool down" period between shots; this lasts a minimum of four seconds, in which the weapon is unable to be fired.

In layman's terms, the Spartan Laser is capable of destroying any amount of enemies and vehicles that are lined up in a straight line in front of the player who is firing it. The Laser will instantly kill any infantry it hits. All vehicles barring the Wraith and Scorpion are destroyed in one shot from the Laser(the Laser has no effect on the Scarab aside from the normal effect all weapons have). A Wraith or Scorpion that has absolutely no chance of escaping from the area it's in in the split second after you notice that tiny red laser training on your hull is helpless when it comes to the Laser. Unless you manage to locate the player and let off an accurate shot to take them out first time, you will undoubtedly fall victim to the Laser's devastating power.

It's also associated with a particularly difficult achievement. Two For One was an achievement that specified a player must get a double kill with the Spartan Laser. Easy, right? Wrong. The Double Kill had to be gotten in Lone Wolves/Rumble Pit. This was an achievement that was boosted by thousands of players because it wasn't easy to get. I'm sure it was a satisfying one to get for the players who earned it legitimately.

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