Spike Grenade

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Spike Grenade
Spike Grenade.JPG
Spartan being stuck by the Spike Grenade

Spike Grenades are a type of grenade first introduced in Halo 3; affiliated with the Brutes.

Spike Grenades are similar to Plasma Grenades in that they are able to stick to their opponents upon contact. However, there are a couple differences. A Spike Grenade's path through the air when thrown is much less arched than the Plasma Grenade. This makes them slightly faster through the air, and allows for players to be more direct in their aiming. However, this makes it difficult for players to throw them over objects.

Spike Grenades also have a different blast radius that changes in effectiveness based on the situation. Under normal circumstances, such as out in the open, the blast radius of Spike Grenades is rather small. Only when a player is standing directly over the grenade will it kill them. However, in tight and enclosed areas, such as small buildings, the spikes from the Spike Grenade are able to ricochet off of the walls several times, rather than spread out vastly like they normally do. If enough spikes hit the player in this fashion, it will be a kill.

For most players, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, and the Spike Grenade becomes the least desirable grenade.

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