Spirit of Fire

The Spirit of Fire (CFV-88) is a UNSC Phoenix-class colony ship, built in 2473 and led by the Captain Cutter, with Serina AL on board.[1] The Spirit of Fire is featured in Halo Wars

[edit] Overview

The Spirit of Fire was originally a colony ship, transporting equipment and colonists in the UNSC's expansion efforts. In 2520 the ship was refit with a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon and other armaments to serve as a warship. Huge storage bays that used to house machine parts now carry everything from Warthogs and Scorpion Tanks to construction supplies for fire bases in hot spots in front line engagements or in rearguard actions.[2]

The Spirit of Fire is designed to hover in gravity-less space, so it lacks any technology that allows it to float or fly in a Planet's atmosphere. It does have eight thruster engine units, but that functions only for space traveling. The spirit of fire is extremely big and holds a lot of various vehicles and mini-ships, it is also heavily armed with defensive and offensive weapons.

[edit] References

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