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Level: Quarantine.

Difficulty: Legendary.

Effect: The Sputnik skull's effect is simple. It does not effect the gravity of the atmosphere, but it does effect object's mass. This is a fan favourite skull, as it leads to some good comic relief in the game. When you melee objects or enemies, they will fly off into the air when you kill them with a melee attack.

Location: This is one of the simple skulls to locate. When you start the level, it's as simple as this. Turn around and you will see an Elite waiting behind you for you to progress in the level so he can follow you. Go behind him and you will find a cave/ledge. Hug the wall all the way down the ledge and, at the end of the ledge, you will find the skull sitting waiting to be picked up. As usual, pick it up to engage it's effect. It cannot be turned off until you exit your game or turn it off in the skull menu.

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