Sub Machine Gun

Sub-Machine Gun
A shot of Halo 3's SMG
Ammo Capacity240 rounds
Clip Capacity60 rounds
AccuracyLow at long range, high at close range.

The Sub-Machine Gun, or SMG, became the standard automatic weapon during Halo 2. It was the staple weapon in Halo 2's matchmaking system, being both dual wield-able and staggeringly effective at draining a player's shield when it came to close range combat. When combined with other dual-wielded weapons, the SMG can quickly become the most effective short-to-medium range weapon. Using the Plasma Rifle or Plasma Pistol to drain a player's shields, and the SMG to finish them off, you can create possibly the most deadly duel-wielded combination in the game. The combination of the SMG and the Plasma Pistol was commonly called the "noob combo" in Halo 2 and was frowned upon by most players.

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