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[edit] Super Bounce

The Super Bounce was a glitch in the Halo series. It was a process by which the player could launch his or her self very high into the sky, thus enabling themto land on some sort of building or structure that would be otherwise unreachable.

[edit] Steps

I'll briefly outline the steps for finding a Super Bounce. This applies to Halo 2 only. I'm not sure exactly how you find them in Halo 3. If anybody knows, feel free to add in the info.

[edit] Step 1

In Halo 2, it consisted of the player needing to be crouched under a small ledge or jutting piece of material. The Super Bounce was unlikely, but still managed to happen. What you needed was the jutting-out piece of material I mention, beside a drop or near a drop, on top of a place where two textures meet. On the original Xbox, the only way you could see where the textures met, was to train your Spartan's sight on a piece of ground, press start and bring up the Y Friends menu. When you press the back button, the list disappears and, for a brief moment, the entire map is entirely base textures. You can see if there is an intersecting point where your Spartan is looking. If there is, you're in luck.

[edit] Step 2

The piece of material you need to crouch under is usually a piece of Glass. When you break a window, there is always some shards left sticking out of the wall. The best example of this is the glass at the top of the dirt mound that leads into the base in Zanzibar, on the Camp Froman side of the map. This was the original Super Bounce. It was the easiest because the texture-joining I mentioned in Step 1 is present right below the window, inside the base.

[edit] Step 3

Crouch in, under the piece of glass that sticks out right above, then walk forward. Look down while you're Crouch-Walking forward, then press jump. Angle yourself so you fall into the lower part of the base when you drop off your jump. If you've done it correctly, you will Super Bounce up into the air and be able to land on the roof of the base. A very useful vantage point in Zanzibar for sure.

[edit] Dirty Tactics

While for the most part, the Super Bounce was a harmless glitch, people will always find a dishonest use for a good vantage point. In the instance of Zanzibar, people would super bounce to the top of the base with a bomb or flag, leaving the other team helpless if they didn't know how to Super Bounce or couldn't get to the spot to do it. If there was a person on the roof of the base with a bomb, there was going to be no end to the game unless the entire opposing team left. The round would go to sudden death and would never end because the bomb was never dropped, leaving the dishonest, Super bouncing team with an illegitimate win.

Like I said though, nine times out of ten, people just used the top of the Zanzibar base as a vantage point, and there was easier and faster ways to get up there than super bouncing ((Like jumping on another Spartan's head who is standing on top of the window beside the same dirt mound)).

So I hope you guys enjoyed finding out the physics and fine-tuning of the Super Bounce. And I hope someone can fill in the info missing about how to do it in Halo 3. That is, if it's different at all.

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