Sword Base

Sword Base
View of Sword Base from Halo: Reach


[edit] Swordbase Fly-through

Sword Base is a multiplayer map from the video game Halo: Reach. It is one of four maps that debuted in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta. This map is very reminiscent of Midship from Halo 2. It is clearly a map that was created as a more objective based map than a slayer based map. The weapon spawns are more evenly balanced. It has an overall symmetrical feel that lends itself very well to gametypes like Capture the Flag and Stockpile.

[edit] Available Weapons

[edit] Heavy Weapon Spawns

[edit] Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle Spawn Point.

The Sniper Rifle spawns on the ground floor of the map, right between the two pillars at one end of the base. Along with the Plasma Launcher, they are the two weapons that spawn on neutral ground on Swordbase, meaning no team has direct access to them straight away, unlike the Energy Sword or Shotgun, which spawn in the Red and Blue base respectively.

[edit] Energy Sword

Energy Sword Spawn Point.

The Energy Sword spawns on the Red Team's side of the map. As stated before, it's one of the two power weapons that spawn in either of the team's bases. Grabbing the sword and using it in conjunction with Armour Abilities will yield some pleasant results.

[edit] Shotgun

Shotgun Spawn

The Shotgun spawns on the under a set of stairs on the opposite side of the map than the Shotgun. These two weapons spawning on opposite sides of the map lend a certain amount of balance in themselves. Each weapon can be used to overcome the other in the hands of the right player, so it assures that, equipment wise, each team can be evenly equipped in the fight for the stronger weapons on the map.

[edit] Plasma Launcher

Plasma Launcher on the Middle Bridge

The Plasma Launcher, like the Sniper Rifle, is one of the Heavy Weapons on Swordbase that spawns in No-man's-land. It spawns right in the center bridge of the map, smack in the middle of the bridge. It's fair game when it comes to such a powerful weapon. The team that fights harder or gets there faster are the ones that will end up with this plasma spewing beast.

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