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[edit] Campaign Levels

The Campaign levels are one of the major things we still need to do... Rest of the stuff that needs done is minor.

[edit] Another Thing..

We also need to expand our character bios a bit as well.

~Aspect of Bane

[edit] Yet Another Thing

I agree. We also need to expand upon the multiplayer maps as much as possible. If I recall correctly, there aren't even any articles for the Mythic Maps.

~Mercury Complex

[edit] Upgrade

Hey, do you want me to try and "upgrade" the main page a bit for you?

Examples of my work as follows:

Relmutsie AN 07:20, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Re: Upgrade

My apologies, Rel. I just now noticed this. I'm not a staff member of this Wiki, so I don't have the authority to make this kind of decision. For now, it's probably best to leave well enough alone. Once DP returns, I'll ask him. Thanks for the offer, though. ^_^



Any idea to make a new banner that fits in the new main page? we can't have a Halo Wiki without a nice halo banner. Emaster MK