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Tartarus in Halo 2

Tartarus is the Chieftain of the Brutes and was in the game Halo 2. He plays a prominent role in the campaign storyline, and has a distinctive appearance and size compared to other Brutes. Towards the end of Halo 2 (in the mission titled Delusions And Grandeur), Tartarus, with the captured Miranda Keyes and the Index, activated Installation 05. The Arbiter, along with a few other Elites and Sgt. Johnson defeated Tartarus before Installation 05 could fire. Miranda Keyes then proceeded to take out the Index from the Control Room's panel, thus deactivating the Halo.

Tartarus uses the weapon called the "Fist of Rukt", which has effects similar to the Gravity Hammer in Halo 3. When he swings the weapon it glows red and its strking distance is quite large. He also has an extremely powerful shield which appears in the form of a white roiling cloud that surrounds him in a powerful glow. When fighting him at the end of Halo 2, Sgt. Johnson uses the Beam Rifle to lower his shield. During the short times that his shield is lowered, it is possible to damage him.

[edit] Personality

Tartarus has a gruff and brutish manner and is cast in a cruel light in the storyline of Halo 2. He delights in the misery of the Grand Ship master at the beginning of the game, and shows no respect or deference to even the Oracle, which is held in awe by most of the Covenant. In spite of this rough personality, Tartarus is loyal to the Prophets and follows their orders without question. It is his cruelty, blind faith, and ignorance, not pure evil, that drives him to activate Halo.

[edit] Quotes

To the Oracle: "Not another word, or I will rip the eye from right out of its socket"

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