Team Doubles

Team Doubles is a 2 vs. 2 Ranked Matchmaking playlist, where you have to work co-operativley with your partner in order to gain victory over your opponents. This playlist is normslly based on the smaller maps such as Guardian or Epitaph, as bigger maps would spoil the close combat and complexity of the game. In this playlist, is is recommended that you party up with your previous teammate after a game, so you can learn each other's stratedgies and tactics, so you have a full proof plan, rather than having to cope with the different changes in tactics every game on your own.

[edit] Tactics

Stick together, splitting up could lead you into an ambush. If you are going for a specific and powerful weapon, this is much advised. If one of your team picks up an Active Camo, then the other can act as a distraction or diversion so that the camoflauged teamate can launch his/her own suprise attack. Go for efficent dual wield combos, a Mauler and Plasma Pistol is very useful. Having a certain range of weaponry for each person can also be effective.

If you are looking for more personal and tactical slayer gameplay, Team Doubles is for you.

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