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300px-Terminal Action.jpgTerminal

[edit] Overview

Terminal was a map from the first map pack for Halo 2. Halo 2 was released for about a year before this map pack dropped, but this map was very well accepted by the fans. The map, as the name suggests, is set in a monorail terminal in New Mombasa during the Covenant invasion. It consisted of a defensive base on one side, two floors, right beside a multi storey car park. The building, ironically, was the defensive spawn. So even in a one flag CTF game, the flag needs to be captured form the open spawn on the opposite side of the map. A slight oversight.

The attic level of the Car Park was only available by spawning in it, but it provided a good tactical advantage as you could see almost all the places you would ever need to see from up there. A lot of people tended to stay up there to get the high ground. The only problem that arose was that when you ran out of ammo, you couldn't get ammo without getting down, then once you were down, you couldn't get back up.

Terminal's defining feature was definitely the monorail. Every minute or so, the monorail would speed through the station and off into a cave on the other end of the map. Naturally, the monorail killed anything that was in it's path, so it was important to listen for the station announcement that said it was on it's way, otherwise it'd be pancakes for breakfast. The train was also a sneaky trap sometimes though. If you were crafty enough, you could get an enemy cornered onto the tracks or get an enemy vehicle stuck on them. Wraiths found it especially easy to fall into this trap, as their boost function was often misused by players, then they ended up trapped on the tracks at the most inopportune time possible and found themselves caught in the headlights.

[edit] Weapons & Equipment

  • Shotgun - Spawned in the base. The top floor. Just follow the ramp up and around to the back side of the furthermost wall and the Shotgun will be there.
  • Sniper Rifle - The Human sniper spawned in the car park, right at the top, before the attic spawn. The parking lot was also the perfect place to snipe from on this map. One way in and lots of high ground to pick people off from.
  • Energy Sword - The Energy Sword spawned on the monorail tracks outside the parking lot. You had to jump from the first floor of the parking lot to make the jump to the middle of the tracks. Otherwise you'd have to run down the tracks from the station, and this would usually mean getting hit by the train.
  • Overshield - The Overshield spawned on the opposite side of the station to the Energy Sword, but still on the monorail tracks. Running along the tracks from the jump where vehicles could get over the tracks was the best way to get to it. You can see the train coming from here, so you'll be prepared.

[edit] Vehicles

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