Territories is a gametype that first debuted in Halo 2, and also can be found in Halo 3.


[edit] Objective

The primary objective of Territories is to capture the different designated areas throughout the map by remaining in them for a set amount of time. Intrusion by the other team will halt the capturing progress, so opponents must be fought off in order to proceed with capturing it.

The gametype is closely related to King of the Hill, except that you are rewarded one point for each area you manage to capture, rather than earning points for every second you are in the area.

[edit] Variants

[edit] 3 Plots

The standard edition of the game that was common in Halo 2, where only one team at a time attempts to capture the three different territories per round, while the defending team attempts to prevent them from doing so. At the end of the round, the roles reverse and the other team has a chance to score. After the rounds are finished, the points are totaled and the team with the most points wins.

[edit] Land Grab

A common variant in Halo 3, this edition has both teams attempting to capture the territories within the same round. The points from each round are added up and the team with the highest amount is given the victory.

[edit] Flag Rally

This variant is similar to Land Grab, but the other team may unlock the other team's captured territories to make them their own. This is typically played on larger maps in Halo 3, such as Valhalla.

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