The Arbiter

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[edit] Overview

The Arbiter is the forth playable level in Halo 2. This is the first time in the game that you meet the Arbiter. This mission is when the Arbiter is sent to a remote outpost where a heretic is base. His job is to kill him and his followers.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] A Whisper In The Storm

This level is on normal difficulty. Once you come out of the dropship, head right and down the ramp with the other Elites. Wait until both the doors are open, once the second door is open active Camouflage and swap to the plasma rifle so you do not waste ammo on the beat downs. So the second door is open, run up the ramp to the right ignoring the grunt, half way up look left there will be an elite drop down and assassinate him. Run ahead and loop the explosive barrel. Then turn around and run at the ramp on the right ignoring the grunt, you’re elites will take him. There is an elite standing there either slash him with your sword or shot and the beat him down. Replace the Plasma rifle with the Carbine as it is a fast kill, this can be done later depending on the speed of the switch. At the top of the ramp there are an Elite and also a grunt kill them both. Continue to stand at the top and pick the grunts and Elites coming up with the carbine. Once all the enemies are killed head down to the bottom and take either route to the level below. When you get there turn left and there is a fully charged energy sword, but do it not get until all the enemies are killed. There are 6 grunts and 1 Elite.

Once you are done killing them take the lift down, wait for your team-mates if any are still alive. Do not shot before the elevator stops as there is glass all the way down. Once the elevator stops turn Camouflage on and run left and assassinate the Elite. Once you kill it look up and take out the sentinels, there are two of them. Diagonally across there is an Elite and three grunts kill them all. Coming from the ramp near them is another 2 Elites. Kill them and open the hanger door. Just hang outside behind the wall of the hanger and wait for the dropship to come in, and take the fire. On the left ramp there will be three grunts with fuel rods, kill them. Once those grunts are killed there will be a checkpoint, then there will be a lot of enemies, kill them, once they are killed there will be more coming from the centre door. Once that lot is killed there will be an elite with a sword coming from the same door, kill him and go through it.

For the first ramp go down at ease but at the second one turn camouflage on and wait until the elite goes passed and assassinate him. There is 2 grunts with him and 3 elites close behind. Try to not throw grenades as the grenades can set off others in the area. Go through that door. The next bit you can do whatever way you want, you can go in with all guns blazing which would be left or go up the ramp and pick them off, but be careful as once you go in kill the 2 grunts and the elite. Some guys will come from behind and in front. Once all the enemies are killed proceed through the door at the end. Proceed down the first ramp half-way through throw on camouflage and assassinate the elite at the bottom, do not shot as it will wake up the grunts. Continue on the right way straight away you should see two grunts on the left asleep beat them down. Once they are killed chuck camouflage on and assassinate the elite. Behind two grunts will come out kill them, at the bottom of the ramp is also another 2 grunts with 2 elites and 2 grunts at the back.

Once they are dead proceed to the door at the bottom. Before you open it put camouflage on and run pass the sentinel and beat the 2 grunts down. After that proceed down the hall way killing enemies with the elites on the top right and grunts and sentinels on the floor. Open the door and kill the Elite behind him will be another elite and more grunts. Go through and watch the Heretic take a banshee and fly away. On the left three elites will come through. Kill them and either proceed or turn around and kill the three sentinels behind you.

[edit] To The Hunt

You will come to two banshees take whichever one you like and destroy the banshees on the right attacking the dropship. But be careful as they will lead you to 2 turrets. Once that is done follow the dropship killing banshees as you go. After a while the dropship will come to a landing zone with grunts firing fuel rods at you, kill them and move on. At any point you can set down your banshee and destroy it to get a brand new one. The second landing zone, there are turrets as well as grunts. At the top are two brand new banshees. Once you kill these enemies move on, there is an exact same landing zone ahead, once that is killed continue to the marked spot and destroy the enemies. Once that is done proceed to the next level , The Oracle.

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