The Covenant

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  • Campaign Mission from Halo 3

The Covenant is the seventh mission in Halo 3. The main goal in this level is to disable the shields that surround the center of The Ark, where the Prophet of Truth is hiding.

The first part of mission is relatively straightforward and should pose little difficulties. Keep your gravity hammer saved up however. After the first installation is destroyed, you are sent to help the 3rd and final installation. You start by flying over to the installation via air, but when you enter the installation you are confronted by 2 Hunters and a swarm of Covenant Drones (the number of hunters may differ from difficulty to difficulty, in Heroic there are definitely 2 Hunters). If you maneuver yourself properly you can use a Gravity Hammer that you retrieve earlier in the game to make quick work of the Hunters (around 2-3 strikes with the Hammer will take down each Hunter). Done properly, you can make it through this first part with several of the Elites still alive. If you are unlucky you can lose the entire complement Elite allies.

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After you do that, you get some flood on your side for a short time, only to be betrayed. Time to kill the Prophet and kill our enemies as this is the last chance for the Covenant race. Completing this level gives you the last stand achievement. It is worth 40Gamerscore.png.

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