The Covenant (Level)

The Covenant is the eighth level in the Halo 3 campaign and one of the longer missions in the game. It follows the level The Ark and can span anywhere from half an hour to fourty minutes to complete, more depending on the difficulty. This level starts you off with a Spartan Laser on a beach front. You need to destroy anti-air Wraiths so you can bring in heavy vehicles to punch a hole in the defenses of the Covenant A small team of marines along with Master Chief take out one tower, Avery Johnson takes out another, while The Arbiter is clear to finish off another.

Midway through the level, after disabling the first tower, you finally get to pilot a Hornet during the campaign mode. A full out aerial fight ensues on the way to the third tower, which also results in a stop to the second tower to pick up the Thunderstorm Skull and a Terminal. Once a safe landing at the third tower is made, The Arbiter and Chief team up to finish the job and disable that terminal to disable a shield that is keeping the Prophet of Truth safe on The Ark. When finally completing the tower, a group of the Flood descend upon the location searching for the Prophet.

The next part of the mission allows you to call out heavy guns, driving a scorpion tank to an area outside of The Ark. This is where two Scarabs are fought and destroyed before allowing entrance into the building. Once inside, a mad dash is made to stop Truth where the Flood ally with you to defeat him and his Covenant forces. After finishing Truth and Arbiter getting his revenge, Johnson escapes but could not manage to save you or your comrade. Now you must fight your way back to the exit with the Flood set on destroying you. This is also the part of the level where you can get the I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull. Complete this level to unlock the Last Stand achievement, netting you 40Gamerscore.png.

An easter egg on this level happens during the Scarab show down. If you fly your Hornet way, way along the left side of the building, there's a spot where you can jump out and walk along. If you go all the way to the back corner that you landed on, the music changes. It's something straight out of Marathon and can only be heard in that one spot.

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