The Great Journey (level)


[edit] Overview

This the 13th and final playable level in Halo 2. For the final time in Halo 2 you will play as The Arbiter. The aim of this level is to stop Tartarus from activating the the rings. In this level you will work along side a scarab and for the first time in the series, Marines and Elites will be allies. You also get to work with a pair of hunters. Tartarus is locked himself away in the control room.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof

This sequence starts with you piloting a Wraith. This first segment should post no problems and is one of the more fun parts of Halo 2.

When you enter the complex the real work begins. You are joined by Hunters and Elites, but you will be facing large numbers of Brutes and Jackal snipers. Use a Beam Rifle to snipe out the Jackals and kill as many Brutes as possible. When faced with a shielded turret use sticky grenades to take out the operator.

At the end of this mission you enter what at first appears to be another room filled with Brutes at the bottom, but if you take a closer look you will notice this is actually a holding cell. Hunters and Elites are being held captive here behind force fields. There is a HUGE number of Brutes you will have to fight, but if you destroy the small generators in front of the force fields you can free the Hunters and Elites to fight for your cause!

[edit] Backseat Driver

This mission might require you to try a few times to get right. You pilot a Banshee against other Banshee, some Ghosts, Wraiths, and shielded turrets. Some players may find the Banshee an awkward vehicle, and have trouble finishing the entire mission piloting it alone. If you find it becomes damaged, you can abandon it and try to take on some of the other vehicles on land. Wraiths are particularly vulnerable as you can hop onto them if you get close enough and melee the driver and gunner, after which you can commandeer the Wraiths to kill the opponents.

[edit] Delusions And Grandeur

The mission consists of mainly two battles, the first battle occurs immediately after entering the first room, where you are assaulted with 2-3 waves of Brutes wielding Carbines and Brute Shots. This is one of the hardest fights in the game since you may have only very few weapons and several of the Brutes are rampaging (they rush at you to cause melee damage on impact) while others are shooting at you with a Carbine. I completed this mission with a single Brute Plasma cannon, 2 plasma grenades, and a Brute Shot with 7 grenades. When the fight was finished, only 10 charges were left in the plasma cannon.

The technique that worked in my situation, on Normal difficulty, was to immediately head to the right at the begining of the room. The Brutes enter from the far right archway, and are initially bunched up, if you launch your first salvo of Brute Shot grenades there you may get lucky, and also cause enough damage to weaken the group. After this 2 of the Brutes will come rushing for you, and these you can pick off with your weapon. The Plasma cannon proves itself ever the resource in this fight, by jumping and strafing and accurately targetting the Brutes you can use the Plasma cannon to literally mow them all down one at a time.

When this fight completes you can choose to equip some new weapons. It is STRONGLY recommended you duel wield two fresh Brute Plasma Cannon.

The next sequence is a cutscene, where you learn an important piece of storyline regarding the Forerunners. After that you start the final fight: against Tartarus.

Tartarus wields a large hammer called the "Fist of Rukt", it is large, glows red, and in one hit will completely strip the Arbiter of his shields. The Fist also has an amazingly huge range, be ready to jump out of its way or you will be smashed. Tartarus also has a powerful shield around him. I believe he is invulnerable while this shield is up, but between your own fire, the other Elites in the room, and Sgt Johnson's sniper fire, the shield will come down briefly (2-3 seconds) every so often, which is when he is vulnerable to attack. Wielding duel Brute Plasma, I had no trouble defeating Tartarus on my first try, and I believe as long as you stay out of the way you can do so as well, so this fight is relatively tame with respect to the entire game, and disappointingly easy considering it is the climax battle of the game.

After the fight, another cutscene, and then the credits! Stick around on the credits to enjoy some of the great soundtrack, and read some of the messages developers had for loved ones. More importantly, after the entire credits role, there is a short bonus cutscene.

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