The Library

The Library is the seventh campaign level in Halo: Combat Evolved, it fallows 343 Guilty Spark level. After reaching a structure in the previous level, the monitor of Installation 04 called 343 Guilty Spark will teleport the Master Chief to the Library. The Master Chief must fallow the 343 Guilty Spark, and reach the activation index.
This level is extremely diverse with and only Flood creatures. Because of its length, repetitive hallways and waves, diverse amount of Floods and nothing to face but flood, this map is considered the least popular level and the most difficult one. The structure of this level and its design presents no diversity in contrast to the amount of the Floods in it, the design is just a simple pattern that is repeated. Blue screens and vents are scattered all over this level.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Part 1: The Library

After teleporting into the library by 343 Guilty Spark, he will start moving forward and sing, you will notice him saying something like "Oh hi" to a couple of Floods, take them out quickly and waste no time or health. A spray from the Assault Rifle or a melee attack should do it. Now turn your sight left to find an explosive Flood form and a group of smaller ones in a corner, stay really far from the explosive Flood form then shoot him. You can use the Shotgun if you still got it to take out the horde of little Flood forms. Another small wave will arrive just to the right with another explosive Flood form, take them out and fallow 343 Guilty Spark. When you reach the first checkpoint, red blips will start to appear on your radar, now you will have to get your hand a little dirty. First shoot the explosive Flood form since they are extremely fatal, they are the one with a bubbly chest. After that set your priority to the Elite Flood forms and those with weapons, if you managed to find a Shotgun it would be good to take out the small Flood carriers. Just try to flee around and gather them in one place, then as they fallow you turn and shoot with the shotgun, most of them will explode leaving a couple, that is where you can use a pistol to finish them off. Reload and swap for whatever weapon you find on the ground if necessary, then get in the tunnel.

When you reach the second checkpoint with 343 Guilty Spark in a large room, move quickly and avoid the explosive Flood form and the Elite Flood form that are dashing towards you, take out all the Floods in the room and ignore the ones in the pit. Fallow 343 Guilty Spark to the next room through the tunnel. After setting your foot into the next room, a Fighter Flood will jump in air and attack you, move back and shoot at sight.

Get back in, a bunch of Floods will spawn from a wall opening, now get back again to the tunnel and use it as a trap for the floods. Use grenades wisely and when they gather in huge amounts in the tunnel, after killing them all move to the next part of the room. Now it is just the same case as the previous one, take advantage of the explosive Flood form and use him as an "Explosive Barrel" and swap for ammunition. Some of the Fighter Floods will use a Needler so be careful, after that go to the end of the room and spray the massive amounts of spawning Flood carriers. Or simply wait for 343 Guilty Spark to open the door and save ammo. In the next room you can either go right to proceed with the mission, or turn left at a dead end for extra Flood blood spilling.

After turning right, get ready for a group of couple of explosive Flood form, a Fighter Flood and a bunch of small carriers. After killing them keep moving forward. You will see a three holes covered with glass, a group of Flood carriers will blast through it and another fighters will eventually attack you from the rear. Pay attention not to fall in one of the three pits and take out the Floods. After reaching the end of the hallway, a couple of Fighter of Floods will jump through vents just above you. Then a couple of explosive Flood forms will come from the right, eventually you will be surrounded by a wave of Floods again, take cover and try to take out the explosive ones first. Be careful of the three pits we mentioned earlier. After that turn left to the next hallway, another couple of Fighter Floods will dash in. Take them out and move to regroup with 343 Guilty Spark. Move down this hallway where another group of Flood Fighters will emerge from the huge vents in the wall. When you turn left you will find yourself in another hallway, a Health Pack will be on your right and a small pit on your front, the end of the pit got an Overshield that you should get. After that keep moving down the hallway fighting a repeating appearance of Floods emerging from vents. You will literary face tons of Floods, they might get to the point where they be really annoying. There will be too many ones only in the easy mode, that is without mentioning the other modes. The Floods are more annoying and large in amount than the Covenants, so just try your best to stay alive and away from exploding Floods. After finishing them off get to the next hallway with some Floods in the way, after that you will see a massive amount of Flood Fighters, but this time the Sentinels come for aid. Pick up as much ammo as you can get and head to the elevator.

[edit] Part 2: Wait, it gets worse!

Get off the elevator and move forward, a total of four Carriers or Exploding Flood forms will drop from the vent, move back and toss a grenade. Now go left and keep moving.
Sentinels will arrive shortly and 343 Guilty Spark will inform you that he need to get something fixed and that you must move on, there will be a small trench with a health pack in it. A group of floods will arrive shortly too, take them out with the Sentinel. Now when you reach the end of the room, you will be ordered to hold your position until the 343 Guilty Spark returns. Now keep calm and cool, then take out the Flood waves, try to keep the Sentinels alive by aiding them so you won't be alone.

When the 343 Guilty Spark returns, fallow him to the next round room and take out the first wave of Floods at the right. Next, fallow 343 Guilty Spark to the next checkpoint and take out the second wave of Floods. Remember to take out the ones with weapons first to avoid them from destroying the Sentinels, leave the spores for them to handle. Now again fallow 343 Guilty Spark to the next checkpoint and take out the third wave of Floods, one of them will carry a Rocket Launcher so be real careful. You can swap one of your weapons for it, but it is not really helpful now. Search for a Shotgun and an Assault Rifle on the ground. Now again you will be asked to wait and hold your position until 343 Guilty Spark returns, shoot the dashing spores and he should be back already. Proceed through the door and fallow 343 Guilty Spark, a bunch of spores will be behind the door, simply take them out and go right. Move on until you reach another trench that leads to somewhere, take out the Floods coming out of it and proceed through the tunnel, there will be a total of two or three exploding carriers, take them out and make your way to the end of the tunnel. Another wave of Fighter Floods and exploding Floods will jump in, go back a little bit and throw a couple of grenades. When you reach the exit, take out the remaining spores and go left to fallow 343 Guilty Spark. When you reach a double sided hallway a bunch of waves will arrive from the vents, go back for a distance and take them out. Reload and fallow 343 Guilty Spark when done. You will eventually meet another wave of exploding Flood forms, take them out and the two Fighters at the end of the hallway. Pick up the Rocket Launcher and waste it on the other wave of Floods, swap back to the previous weapon you dropped and move on. You will encounter a lot of Floods now, two waves in different places, but the last one before the elevator holds lot more Floods. Take them out and head to the elevator.

[edit] Part 3: But I Don’t Want to Ride the Elevator!

Get off the Elevator and turn left, move on until you reach another trench and a group of Fighter Floods, take the Floods out and move through the tunnel. If you fallowed 343 Guilty Spark at this point, you can notice that he uses vents to move through rooms and hallways rather than tunnels and elevators. Anyway, when you are at the tunnel a group familiar Flood wave will charge, simply toss a grenade and move on to the exit. Another wave of Flood will attack from behind you as will as in front of you, the Sentinels already arrived, simply shoot the Flood and proceed. Remember to resupply. Move through the hallway until you reach a Health Pack, pick it up and hold your position again. Now as it got familiar, blow up the carriers and take out the Fighters first, don't bother shooting the spores at first. Shortly the door will blast open, walk through it into the next round room. Take out the wave of Floods and resupply, notice that some bodies that appear to be dead might rise again. Move to the end of the room and take out the last wave of Floods in this room and exit through the door. In the next room a couple of Fighters will jump through the trench, take them out and head left to the next hallway. Take out the next wave of Flood Fighters, this should be good chance to resupply assuming you are almost out of ammo. Move to the next hallway. You will see a couple of already dead Flood fighters, move through the door.

Next, 343 Guilty Spark will ask you to hold your position again, you will be trapped in a small room and attacked by numerous amount of Floods. Try your best to stay alive, use grenades wisely and search for choke points. Don't you ever get surrounded, instead get them to fallow in a huge group, which makes it easier with a toss of a grenade or a spray from the Assault Rifle. When you are low on health, pick up the one at the center of the room. Shortly the door will open and Sentinels will come for aid, after that move to the end of this hallway. Fight two more wave of Floods with the Sentinels and make your way to the elevator. You will face lots of lots of exploding Floods back there so you better skip the unnecessary fight.

[edit] Part 4: Fourth Floor: Tools, Guns, Keys to Super Weapons.

Get off the elevator and head straight, you will see the Sentinels already in action, kill what you can kill and head right to fight another wave of the never ending Floods.
Keep moving to reach another trench and a closed door, get in the trench and toss a grenade at the gathering spores and carriers. Proceed to the next room and hold your position again. Simply do what you are best to do with the Flood, shoot them all.The door should be open by now, and another will wave will show up soon. Take them out and resupply. Get to the next area where 343 Guilty Spark is waiting, take out the wave of floods again. Lucky you won't have to wait for him to go and return again, the door is already open, but a group Floods will jump over the door and attack, step back and toss two grenades and make your way through them. You will face unimaginable number of Fighter Floods that armed well and determined to kill you as you already know, take them out and retreat when you are low on shield. After finishing them off, make your way to the elevator that will lead you to the index. You finally finished one of the most difficult campaign level in the Halo trilogy. Next into Two Betrayals where you will be surprised that the ally you just gained is going to turn against you.

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