The Pit

The Pit
The Pit.jpg
View of The Pit from Halo 3

The Pit is an original Halo 3 map. In the MLG Pro Circuit, The Pit is commonly paired with the Capture the Flag gametype.


[edit] Available Weapons

[edit] Equipment and Power-ups

The Equipment and Power-ups on The Pit can determine which team or player wins the match. There is one Regenerator on each Sniper Tower; below the building containing the Energy Sword, there is an Overshield; in the green hallway, there is Active Camouflage.

[edit] Strategies

Victory on The Pit is largely determined by which team or player controls the Power Weapons. Two snipers with overlapping fields of fire can easily lock down anywhere from a quarter to half of the map. Similarly, the Energy Sword and Rockets are capable of dominating short and mid-range conflicts, respectively.

[edit] Pit Stop

On September 23rd 2008, Bungie released Pit Stop, a modified version of The Pit. In Pit Stop, the attics have been blocked off in order to prevent camping.

Pit Stop has not replaced The Pit in all matchmaking playlists; it will continue to appear in matchmaking on a routine basis.

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