The Silent Cartographer

For the Halo map room "The Silent Cartographer" go here, The Silent Cartographer (Building)

The Silent Cartographer is the forth campaign level in Halo: Combat Evolved. This campaign level is also featured in Halo Trail.
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The Silent Cartographer is a secret map room located within on of Halo's installations. The map will lead Chief and Cortana to the Control Room that controls the Halo itself.


[edit] Walktrough

[edit] Part 1: The Silent Cartographer

So The Master Chief, Cortana and Echo 419 are off to a beach near the supposed location of the cartographer to find it's hidden secrets. You'll be dropped in by Pelican. The beach you are dropped on will have heavy covenant resistance, you can use the Pistol provided to snipe the Covenants. Once you clear out the groups of elites and grunts, it's a fairly straightforward run to the installation you need. You will be gifted with a Warthog and some passengers to help you along. Follow the waypoint down along the beach and take out any resistance as you go. There should be one location where you will encounter a few jackals and an elite or two. Once you're past that place, you'll come to the entrance of the Cartographer base. It's up a small hill. You can drive up and use the Warthog to take out the enemies on the platform or you can have a gunfight with them. Your choice. Once they're taken out, another group will spawn inside the installation. Go in and clear them out. Continue down the hallway on the right. You'll find yet another group of elites and grunts. This time, they will lock the door, and, menacingly, you'll see a yellow elite with an energy sword standing behind it waiting for you. Cortana will contact Captain Keyes and inform him about the situation, he will reply and gives the permission to take any mean necessary to reach the control room. You will need to find the security override system, get out of the cave and get in the Warthog if you still have it. Keep driving to the opposite side of where you were dropped, drive until you reach a little path that leads to the inner part of the island. There will be a couple of Grunts and an Elite, take them out and get on foot.
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The security override system is not located in the complex you are in, so you need to exit the building to locate it. When you're heading out the door you came in, go to the left along the beach. Take the Warthog, because the gunner will come in very useful.

Head under the big rock archway and further around the island. You will find some Covenant resistance. This is the point where you can get further inland on the island. Take out the Covenant and go up through the narrow rocky path. It's possible to take the Warthog if you want to. There will be 2 Hunters in the clearing that you come into. If you've brought the Warthog, you'll be able to run them over with a bit of power sliding. Leave through the other side of the complex, down another narrow pathway. This will lead you to another complex. This is where you'll be able to cut the power supply to the original complex.

Before you go in, there are 3 overshields on the ground beside the door. Grab one for some extra defenses from the enemies inside. More Hunters. There's 2 of them, in a room with a lot of Covenant boxes for cover. Take them out whatever way you can. There will be a hallway at the back of the room that leads straight to the Holo-panel console you need. When you activate it, it will shut down the complex's security system. A cutscene will show the door you got locked out of earlier, opening, and the yellow sword wielding elite running through.

[edit] It's Quiet..

After the short cutscene go back to the room that you faced the Hunters in, a soldier will call for backup on the radio now. There will be a couple of Elites with Active Camou in the room, after taking them out make your way out to the surface. Now instead of walking all the way back to the Silent Cartographer, slide down the cliffs in front of you and resupply from the damaged Pelican. There will be a couple of Jackals and Covenant Grunts on a cliff too, so watch out. If you're sneaky about it, and you've brought your Warthog all the way to the entrance of the building you were just in, you can position it at the top of the cliff and take out all of the Covenant forces that are around the downed Pelican whilst keeping yourself out of danger. There are two ways to approach the rest of this level now. You can A) take the Warthog form the position you are in at the moment and head back to the building with the unlocked door the way you came. Note that you will face enemy forces along the way who are dropped in by Dropship. Or B) you can carefully drop off the cliff in the Warthog to get down to the crashed Pelican. This will give you access to heavy weapons and leave you right back at the start of the mission so you can just drive back to the building you need to go to.

Personally, I'd go with the latter of the two. The Rocket Launcher you'll pick up is more than useful for some Hunters up ahead. The building which is now unlocked will have some fresh enemies. A nice pair of Hunters will be waiting on the balcony for you. Either run them over with your Warthog, taking into account that they jump in a perpendicular angle to whatever angle you approach them from, you should be able to powerslide early and take them out with one slide each. This will save the rocket ammo for a stickier situation if need be.

You can bring the warthog down into the complex if you want. There is no tactical advantage to this, besides blocking the yellow Elite from killing your guys in the hog by bringing it down, plus it's somewhat quicker to drive it down if you can easily navigate the tight corridors with the Warthog. Once you get down to the unlocked door, you're into the last part of the mission.

[edit] Shafted

When you go down the dark corridor, you'll find a red elite with his back turned, melee him for a quick kill. The rest of the enemies in the area are grunts, so take them out whatever way you see fit. The door at the back of the large room you enter will have a group of jackals behind it. They're easy enough to take out with a couple of well placed grenades.

Get ready for more Hunters. Once you've finished off the last of the jackals, the Hunters will spawn, 2 of them. This is where you could break out the Rocket Launcher if you kept the ammo earlier. Close encounters with Hunters are never very enjoyable, so making them as brief as possible is always preferable. A good note to make about Hunters at this stage is that they are not as strong as you might imagine. Yes, they are very armoured, but under that armour, they are pretty weak. It only takes 2 pistol bullets to the stomach, on Legendary, to take down a Hunter.

You're almost at the Cartographer now. Follow the hallways and ramps down until you find another group of Elites and Grunts. A good way of dealing with these is to grab a Needler in exchange for either your Rockets or whatever secondary you have. ((You can pick it up on the way back out)) You will be faced with 2 Elites directly after you ind the Cartographer, so make good use of it.

Anyway, after you follow the ramp down, you'll find the Cartographer at the very bottom of the installation, inside a small dark room. Press X to trigger the cutscene. Cortana will say that Halo seems to be some sort of Shrine, but you don't get much time to look at it, because the distress signal that came in earlier? Those reinforcements just arrived, so it's time to leave.

Head back out the way you came in, killing the 2 Elites with the Needler. You'll notice an Overshield on the way back up that you couldn't see on the way down. Take it. After you go back up the first ramp, there will be a lot of jackals at the top of the second ramp. They spawn in the same place they spawned when you were coming down, except this time they're on the opposite side of the door. Use the door and ramp as cover. If you're using the rockets to take out the ones in the distance, don't let the door close while you're firing. That tends to cause an issue. Handy tip here is to go right when you come out of this door and go in the door that you come to, which will be yet again on your right. There is an Active Camouflage in here that you can use to sneak up on the next group of Grunts and Elites. Try to stick the Elite and melee the Grunts in the back. With the Camo, you'll be able to melee them right next to eachother and they won't notice, as long as you get them with an assassination each.

Almost there now. Once you've dealt with that group of enemies, a group of Jackals will spawn. Grenades or a Plasma Pistol will make short work of them. And at the top of the next ramp, you'll encounter your last group of Elites, Jackals and Grunts. Take them out and you'll be back up at the dark hallway where the Yellow Elite spawns. If you left your Warthog there, he will be facing towards it. Come around the corner and stick him really quickly, otherwise he will most likely turn around and kill you. When you take your Hog back to the surface, you'll be greeted by a Covenant Dropship and a couple of Elites. Take them out with the gunner seat of the hog. Once you do, Echo 419 will come in for an extraction and you'll be finished the Silent Cartographer. Next up, Assault On The Control Room.

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