Tip of The Spear

Tip of The Spear is the fifth level and fourth playable level in Halo: Reach. The objective in this mission is to neutralize Enemy AA Guns. Once that happens you have to take the Spire Control room and drop the Spire’s Shields. In this level you fight alongside most of the Noble Team.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Tempest Perimeter

Using your Grenade Launcher good makes the task to get to the top of the hill easier. Do not camp or the Fuel Rod Turrets will put holes in you. So when fighting always keep moving around. Once the Elite is dead, getting to the top is quite simple, it is also a bit like Donkey Kong in a sense you have to dodge the incoming Fuel Rods. Once you clear a landing zone a Pelican will drop of a Rocket Warthog. Best bet is to drive as the AI is useless driver, although you can risk it and shoot. Once most enemies are dead hop out and destroy the AA Gun.

Once it is destroyed drive around and destroy the Wraith. Continue driving alone, once you kill the Skirmishers there will be a health pack if you need it.

[edit] Hand Over Fist

Once you drive you will see a bridge with a Shade, hop out and get in the Gunner sit and destroy the Shade and any enemies you can see. Get out and drive again. Drive over, get out and head to the left. Steal one of the Skirmisher’s Needle rifle and replace it for the DMR. Head around the edges, killing the enemies. Head up and on the top floor there is a a turret to your left, kill him and the Elite should hop on, this makes him very easy to hit. Kill him and move on. At the next bridge there is a Zealot, that if you kill will give you an achievement, [[Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet]. It is however impossible to go back and kill the rest of the enemies and grab any weapons if you choose to follow him and kill him. Head on out and jump in the Revenant.

Around the first there is two ghosts and some infantry, kill them and move on. Here it gets difficulty, you have multiple Wraiths and a couple of Hunters With a lot of infantry, best bet is do what feels right and kill whatever threatens you the most at a certain point. If ou took the Plasma Launcher, it kills the Wraiths and Hunters quite easy. Once you destroy the AA gun, you will have to defend the area, this is quite easy and straight forward. Once they are destroyed hop into the Falcon.

[edit] The Spire

The Falcon Ride is quite easy, just kill anything that you can see, with Vehicles taking priority. Take a Jet Pack and make your way to the Spire. You only really need to clear one side and move up on that side, although if you want, you can clean both sides. Once at the top, take out the Fuel rod Shade. Jump down and kill anything in your way to get to the Spire. When you get to the lift, throw all the grenades up, wait then go up. Hopefully you can kill some enemies with them. Once at the top, there is an Elite with an Energy Sword so do not get to close. Once they are dead, deactivate the Spire’s Shield. That is the end of the level, the next level is Long Night of Solace.

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