Truth and Reconciliation

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Truth and Reconciliation is the third level in Halo: Combat Evolved. After reaching the end of the previous level, Halo, Cortana will tell you that she found a signal of Captain Keyes. The level starts with Cortana talking to the Chief as you are ferried across to a canyon where you and a team of Marines will be dropped. Sarge informs you that there is a Grav Lift through the canyon where you are being dropped that transports Covenant Troops from the ground into the Warship. Once inside, Cortana can lock on Captain Keyes' signal and find out where he is so you can rescue him.


[edit] Walktrough

[edit] Part 1: The Drop

You drop into the canyon with your team of Marines. You spawn with an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle in this level as you will have the choice to do some recon before you start firing if you choose to. Stick to the right hand path when you get out of the Pelican, up the rocky path. On your left you will see some Covenant sleeping. Be careful, once you wake them up, they will jump into Stationary Shade Turrets and start firing on you. You can stay behind some rocks and use your sniper rifle instead of assaulting, that will give you less enemies to face when you get down. You will be informed to use the night vision feature, but its function is not really necessary. Return fire, take out as many as you can with your Sniper Rifle and once the Marine support arrives, either jump in and take out the rest or let the marines clear the area.

Once the area is cleared, take the back path out of the clearing. A small path will lead you up to another set of Covenant resistance. Jackals and Elites. Take them out and jump up the rocks to continue on. The same type of narrow path will lead you onto the next large clearing. The Marines hang back until the Chief fires to let him get some Recon before they come in firing. This is a large clearing with more Shade turrets. Try to take out the grunts first to stop them from occupying the turrets, then use your Sniper Rifle to take out the Jackals and Elites. Make good use of the Active Camouflage in the middle of the clearing. Keep shooting while in cover, never rush out of excitement unless you got a necessary purpose.

You can use the shade turrets if you wish too, now clear the area and assist the marines. When you've cleared the area, follow the pathway beneath the arch of rock at the back of the area. This will bring you up to the area with the Gravity Lift that will take you to the ship. Echo 419 will drop reinforcements once you take out the Shade turrets in the area. After you've taken out the turrets, you will be faced with a Covenant dropship, full of Grunts and Elites, as well as 2 to 3 waves of Grunts, Jackals and Elites dropping from the grav lift in the center. You can save time, ammo, and health if you simply get in a shade turret that is located opposite to the Grav lift. Just keep shooting and aim for the elites first, then take out the Jackals and Grunts.

Then you'll get a checkpoint, but don't think you're finished yet. Turn your eyes to the grav lift and you'll see 2 Hunters dropping from the lift. These are the toughest enemies the Covenant have to throw at you. They are heavily armoured on all sides, save for 2 weak points. The first, and easiest to hit, weak point is a strip of exposed flesh under their torso armour that goes all the way around their body. So their back is an easy spot to attack. Their front is not so easy because of the giant shield they hold. The second weak point is their neck. It's not as easy to hit because of how small it is, and the fact that the Hunters keep their head down most of the time.

Using Plasma grenades can disorientate the Hunters and make them run the wrong direction, giving you a good chance to hit their exposed backs. Just be careful to move when you see the green glow emitting from their Hunter beam. It's an insanely powerful weapon that will take your shield and most of your health with one hit on anything harder than easy.

Echo 419 will return with reinforcements again once you take out the Hunters, then you'll be taken up into the ship on the Grav Lift.

[edit] Into the Belly of the Beast

After you're taken up into the grav lift, you will be dropped inside the Truth and Reconciliation ship, in a large room with many entrances. Cortana will inform you that she has established a lock on Captain Keyes' life signs but before you can take off, you've got a firefight on your hands.

You'll get a checkpoint when Cortana finishes talking. Keep an eye out, because you're about to encounter the Energy Sword for the first time in the Halo trilogy. An Elite will come out of one side of the room through one of the doors. He'll have active camo and a sword. Once you take him down, an onslaught will start and you'll have to face 3/4 waves of Elites, Jackals and Grunts. There are health packs down some of the off-shoot corridors from the big room, and an active camo behind one of the big Covenant storage boxes that you can take advantage of.
Cc door3.jpg

Once you finish off the waves of enemies, follow the small corridor with more enemies in it. Just a couple of Jackals. You'll find a locked door at the end of the corridor. Chief has to go solo and find a way around the back of this door to let the Marines continue on with you. Follow the hallway back to the big room and take the door directly to your right when you re-enter it. The corridors seem complex, but they're fairly linear. Follow the route of conveniently unlocked doors and kill the resisting elites and grunts. You will find your way out on the hallways onto a landing above a room much similar to the first large room you came to. A waypoint will show you where the controls are to open the door to let the marines through. Once you've dealt with the light resistance in the room, proceed to the controls and open up to let your comrades through.

Once you let the Marines in, another waypoint will appear, showing you the way you need to follow to get to Keyes. Follow it and it will bring you through another door in the same room, which leads to more covenant hallways. The doors that are unlocked are lit up with a white light, so use this easy visual cue to find your way through, out into the air dock of the battleship. The giant air dock room is the second large firefight of the level. You'll encounter heavy resistance in this room. Plenty of Grunts, Elites, Jackals and firepower to keep you on your toes. There will be 2 or 3 waves of Covenant firstly, and once you've taken those out, Cortana will tell you that she's hacking the Covenant Battle Net to get a door unlocked for you. Naturally, this is a cue for another 2 hunters to come your way, while she unlocks the door. Once you've handled the two Hunters, a door will unlock. It will have a waypoint attached, so follow it to the door and continue down to the next portion of the level. Some more corridors will greet you through the door. You're getting closer to the Captain now, so expect heavier resistance than before. The corridors will lead you to the second floor landing of the Hangar you were just in. Cortana decides to call for reinforcements, because the Marines you brought with you have been thinned out a bit by now.

In the middle of the landing, on a platform, you will see a button with a waypoint attached. This will open the Shuttle bay doors to allow Echo 419 in to drop your reinforcement. Once you've done this, go out the door on the opposite side of the hangar to where you came in. This will lead to more corridors and another Hangar that looks almost exactly the same as the first one. Only this one has an empty Covenant Dropship in it. Continue past the dropship on the landing and through the door at the other end of the hangar. Following the corridors this time will lead you to the command post of the ship. Naturally, there is a lot of resistance here. Some Elites with swords, Jackals and Grunts. Make good use of your Sniper Rifle if you've kept it this far. Once you've cleared the room, there will be a series of waypoints leading to a large room. A detention block, full of Elites with swords and active camo. Once you've cleared the room and opened the cells with the control in the middle of the room, you'll find the captain in one of the cells. Then after a cutscene where Keyes and Cortana figure out the Halo is a legendary religious symbol that can be controlled, they decide they need to get to Halo's control room before the Covenant. With that, it's time to get out of the ship.

[edit] Shut up and get behind me... Sir

After a checkpoint, Captain Keyes will accompany you and you'll be tasked with returning to the Shuttle Bay to escape. The holding cells are a perfect place to refuel. There is an open cell where you will find a Health Pack and ammo for any human weapons you have. Once you're regrouped and ready, head back through the corridors, taking out any resistance you might find. Take the corridors back to the Control Room of the ship. Once you're there, you'll fight off 2 elites with energy swords. Cortana tries to call for help, but Echo 419 informs her that they've been engaged and you have to find your own transport.

Then, you hear the words that every gamer fears, "Air support is cut off, Captain. We need to hold here until she can move in". Obviously, you're in for a fight. Covenant Forces will flood the room you're in. Once you've fought them off, make your way back to the Shuttle Bay you came through on your way to get the captain. When you're there, take out the Covenant on the landing and proceed to the waypoint marked on your HUD. Press button and, after Keyes takes out some Hunters in style, you're off the cruiser and on to the next level, The Silent Cartographer.

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