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Turf was part of a map pack released for Halo 2. It was a map that was very well received, not only because it was a good map, but because it was among the first ever pieces of content to be available as Downloadable content. Bearing in mind that this happened back on the Original Xbox, Xbox Live and Downloadable Content were still practices that were not as widely used as they are today.

[edit] The Map

Turf was a map that was set in a city on Earth. It wasn't an overly big map, but it's size was magnified because the map was made up of mostly backstreets, canopies and ledges. This made the map seem overall a lot larger than it actually was. It was a map that worked well with any gametype. Objectives like CTF worked well because the narrow alleyways and backstreets made for intense gunfights against groups of enemies, huddled together, desperately trying to protect a flag or bomb-bearer.

For the exact same reason, Slayer variants worked well. The open areas in the map were the dog-legged main street, a small warehouse at the top of the main street, and the downed Scarab. All these areas were connected by the network of backstreets and high ground canopies.

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