Two Betrayals

Two Betrayals is the 8th campaign level from Halo: Combat Evolved. At the start of this level, you will find yourself transported back to Halo's Control Room from 2 levels ago. You have retrieved The Index and now you are back, with 343 Guilty Spark to activate Halo's defenses and destroy The Flood. Or so you think.

The initial cutscene will show the Master Chief and The Monitor at the Console in the Control Room. Just as you're about to activate the console, Cortana zaps The Monitor and tells the Chief the truth. Halo's defenses do not destroy The Flood, it destroys their food. Halo is, to all intents an purposes, a giant bomb. It would cause an explosion that would destroy all sentient life for 25,000 lightyears in all direction, leaving the Flood with no food and no way to continue multiplying. Once the Monitor realises you are no longer going to help activate the ring, he turns nasty, calling on his Sentinels to take you out, thus beginning the level. When you gain control of the Chief, you will be in possession of a Plasma Pistol. One charged shot for each Sentinel will take them down. Once they're all downed, the level will officially start.


[edit] The Gun Pointed At The Head Of The Universe

At this point, you will be at the same point you left off at Assault on the Control Room. Use the control panel on the right side of the walkway to open the huge door. Cortana then tells you that it's up to you to destroy Halo to prevent it from being used as a weapon that will destroy the Universe. Doing that, however, will be tricky. Cortana then informs you that the explosion from the fusion reactors of a Battleship would be of sufficient magnitude to cause a chain reaction that would end up destroying Halo. Cortana then says she is going to scan the Covenant Battlenet to see if she can locate the crash site of the Pillar of Autumn.

At the other end of the gargantuan hallway, you will see a battle ongoing between a large group of grunts and elites taking on some Sentinels. It's best to leave well enough alone right now. Let them take eachother out, and when one of the sides are completely dead, use your Shotgun at close range, and the small alcoves in the wall for cover, to take out whatever is left. Around the corner, there will be more Covenant before the next giant door. This time they will have large purple Covenant boxes to hide behind. Take them out and open the door. Again, once you open the door, there will be Elites and Grunts/Jackals on the ramp where the Hunters spawned last time. Using grenades and your Shotgun will make short work of them.

When you're done with those, Cortana interjects with her plan. While she is trying to locate the Pillar, you have to stop the Monitor from being able to use Halo's weapon. The Monitor is unable to use the Index to activate halo, but just in case they find a way, you need to destory the Generators in the valley of the Control Room. They are Halo's primary firing mechanisms, and if you destroy the 3 main generators, it will leave the Monitor in a position where it must repair them before it can even attempt to fire Halo's weapon.

Cortana will set a waypoint for the first generator. It's very far away, so you'll need some transport. First of all, you can get a pistol and a Sniper Rifle at the top of the tower. They will be useful for making your way down the tower. You can take a shortcut down the tower if you use your pistol's scope to take out the grunts on the level below you, then slide down the inclined wall. As long as you don't get any air between you and the wall, you won't take any damage going down it. Make your way down the left side, because that's where the Rocket Launcher will be. When you get down that far, use the Rocket to take out any Elites or Grunts on the ground level. On the left side of the structure, you won't take fire from the looming Wraith. Drop down to the ground level and use your Rockets to take out the Wraith. From there, you will find an unoccupied Banshee that you can use to make your way to the first waypoint. This one isn't as far away as the rest. Fly straight up and you'll find the door into the first generator room. It will be guarded, but nothing your Banshee can't handle. When you walk into the room, Cortana will talk about the Pulse Generator and tell you how she's altered your shields to deliver an interruption EMP burst that will destroy the generator. Simply walk into the generator to destroy it. It will take your shields down, so be careful that you've killed all enemies in the area.

Return to your Banshee. There will be Sentinels at the door where you entered the room now, but you can leave them if you want.

[edit] Breaking Stuff To Look Tough

The next Generator is in the adjacent valley. Take the Banshee and go back down to the entrance you came from in the previous level. Be careful, the Grunts that come out of the door are wielding Fuel Rod Cannons. Keep your distance and take them out, then enter the door. There are two things to note on your way back through the installation. One is that you should never get confused by the arrows that you previously followed on the ground. In a sense, they will still show you which way to go, as long as you're going to opposite way to where they're pointing. Secondly, this time there will be no sleeping on the job. All enemies will be more than alive an alert, and in more numbers. And lastly, now you have 2 added enemies. The Flood and Sentinels. When you see either of these enemies, as well as Covenant in the same area, let them fight it out. It will conserve ammunition for you and will make your job easier if a lot of them kill eachother.

I'm not going to go blow by blow like I did on the way. I'll just give a general outline of the rooms and what enemies are in them. The first large room has a lot of Elites and Grunts/Jackals. Make sure to use the windows and ledges as cover. When you leave to the large hallway at the back, make good use of grenades to easily take out the fleeing grunts and Jackals. After the hallway, you will come into another large room with Elites and Jackals fighting the Flood. Let them fight it out. If you can, stick some of the Elites. This will cause larger explosions and dish out some collateral damage, saving your ammo and taking out a few enemies at once. When the battle has died down, use the wall at the entrance as cover. It will be at a pleasant head height, so you can deal out the head shots as you see fit. Use the barrier on the right as well as the window in front as cover and take out everyone. There will be Flood, so use your Shotgun. You will find one in that room if you left your other one back at the tower at the beginning.

Exit through the door onto the double bridges. This time you will have the haunting sight of the Flood jumping from bridge to bridge, just to get to the Covenant, and you. Take them out and continue to the next room, using the barriers on the bridge as cover. The next room will be one of the large rooms with a ramp in the middle. When you come into the room, throw a grenade straight across the middle of the center of the room and spray the Flood that appear so they end up sticking close to the grenade. This will take out a large amount of them. The only other thing to take into consideration in this room is that the last Flood that shows up has a Rocket Launcher, so be careful, because he can take you out quite easily.

The exit, after the hallway, of this room, will lead you to another bridge. This is a treacherous bridge. Plenty of Combat Form Flood to begin with, 2 Carrier Forms, some Infection Forms, and 2 Banshees. When you take out the first round of Flood, 3 more Combat Form Flood will spawn in the middle of the bridge, but these ones are holding Rocket Launchers. Let them come to you and take them out. They will destroy the Banshees before they come to you, so no need to worry about them too much. Exit the bridge and go through the next room. The Flood will have occupied this room too, so fight your way through to the Elevator and go down it. The room at the bottom of the Elevator, even on Legendary, is just Human Form Flood with no weapons, so either skip through them or cut them down at your ease.

The next section can also be passed with relative ease, even though it may look daunting. You'll see an up-ended Ghost. Take out the Grunt and Elite by it, then flip it and get going back the way you came in the last level. You can bypass all the enemies in this area and go back through the small cave. Grab the health and ammo form the Warthog, then head back up the spiral rock and out. When you come out on the other side of the clearing, quickly go for the second Banshee and spiral up in the air to avoid most of the damage. You'll have to fight up to 4 Banshees and 2 Hunters on the ground. When you're done, make your way to the Nav point to find the second building with a generator in it. There will also be a large platform across from the building entrance, take out the Shade Turrets and Jackals on the platform, as well as the Grunt with a Fuel Rod Gun on the entrance to the generator building.

When you enter and trigger the explosion for the next generator, head straight back to the entrance door and grenade it. You will find heavy Flood Resistance entering, so be ready with your Rocket Launcher and Shotgun. Throw plenty of grenades and retreat to give your shield time to regenerate, and when you've cleared them all, return to your Banshee.

[edit] The Tunnels Below

The next part of the level takes you back into the tunnels. Take the Banshee and bring it down the large open cave. You will see Flood and Covenant fighting. Help the Covenant or Flood first, then take the survivors out. The giant door at the end will be broken and almost all the way shut. Get out of the Banshee and grab the Ghost. Bring it to the door and fire through the gap. This will encourage any Flood in the area to come to the door, then when they come through, you can use the Ghost to kill them. Protip: Reverse the Ghost into the crack in the door, then use the Banshee to push it. It will make the Ghost clip through the gate, then you can get it into the large room.

When you get into the room, proceed across the bridge that isn't broken. This will trigger a huge exodus of flood infection form. Use your Ghost's plasma guns to take them out as well as any Covenant and other Flood forms that join them. Go to the big gate on the opposite side of the and exit the tunnel into the large field.

[edit] The Final Run

In this section, you will have the nav point on your HUD for the last Generator. This will be located further down the valley. When you come out of the tunnel, you will come into the middle of another large Covenant v. Flood battle. Use your Ghost to kill them and continue to the next part, down a small jump. You can grab a Rocket Launcher down here, then when you go back up the small jump ((Using a Ghost Wheelie, by pressing A while you're driving)), you can pop back up the ramp. Now there will be Flood and Wraiths in the clearing. Us the big rocks for cover and take out the Flood and Wraiths with your Rockets and Ghost.

Even if you're not done, you can run around the rocks and jump in a Banshee. You really don't need to resolve this battle, as you're flying in the opposite direction anyway. The last generator has Sentinels outside the door, so hover far away and take them out with the Banshee. You'll also find Sentinels inside, so take them out with whatever remaining ammo you have and walk into the last generator. After a cutscene, Cortana will tell you she's figured out how the Monitor gets around so fast and teleports you off to the penultimate level, Keyes.

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