Uplift Reserve

Uplift Reserve is a Campaign mission on Halo 3 : ODST. This is most easily done with a vehilcle.

In this mission you start off on a beach in the middle of what appears to be a "Zoo". The next thing that happens is you arrive in the battle. Fellow marines request you flip over their warthog for them and you can pick Driver,Gunner,or Passenger to shoot from but best is Driver because the marines are terrible at driving. In this area there are a few brutes, a dozen or so grunts, a chopper, and 2 wraiths.

After this area you can pass on throught but before entering the next area there is a ghost positioned up on a few rocks in the middle of the area.In the next area you are confronted with a half dozen jackels and a few brutes at the start but can drive right past these guys and climb onto the higher slope. Up here there are 4 shade turrets and several health packs along with a dozen brutes and some grunts but isnt much trouble as you can drive through the turrets.

I cannot stress how useful it is to have a vehicle to use throughout this mission because it is a long distance to walk and the enemies practically all have vehicles.

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