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VIP is a team-based gametype first introduced in the video game Halo 3. In this gametype, one random player from each team is given the status of "VIP". Players must protect the VIP on their team, while also attempting to kill the opposing VIP(s). Each time a team kills an opposing VIP, they are rewarded one point. Once a VIP dies, the next person to respawn on that team is given the status of VIP. In certain variants of the gametype, teams may also score by escorting their VIP to designated checkpoints.

The VIP is often given special attributes apart from the other players, depending on the variant of the gametype. However, no matter the variant, VIPs are never able to navigate vehicles themselves. They can, however, ride in the passenger seat of the Warthog, Mongoose, or Prowler.


[edit] Variants

[edit] VIP

In the standard variant, the VIP starts with a Magnum as his primary weapon, and also has an Overshield.

[edit] One Sided VIP

In this variant, only one team at a time has a VIP. The offensive team must try to kill the VIP as many times as possible within the time given. After the time is up, a new round begins and the roles are reversed.

[edit] Escort

Escort is similar to the standard VIP gametype, except that teams may also score by "escorting" their VIP to designated areas called "checkpoints".

[edit] Rocket Race

Rocket Race is a popular variant that first gained status as player-made game, meaning it was only possible to play it in custom games. However, after quickly gaining popularity, it can also now be found in Halo 3's "Double XP Weekends".

Rocket Race is similar to Escort in that teams must escort their VIP to checkpoints. The standard edition of Rocket Race has four teams of two. Each team has one VIP, who spawns with a Rocket Launcher as their primary weapon, while the other team member is given a pistol. Each team is initially spawned near a Mongoose, which the non-VIP player must drive, as VIPs are unable to. The VIP rides in the passenger seat while the non-VIP drives him to the different checkpoints. The VIP from each team must attempt to stop other teams by firing at them with his Rocket Launcher, which is difficult as you must aim far ahead of the Mongooses in order to hit them. However, both players and vehicles are invulnerable in this variant, and the rocket simply aims to flip the Mongoose over, rather than kill the opposition. The only way to kill an opponent is to assassinate him, but this is impossible as long as the players remain the Mongooses.

The first team to the checkpoint is rewarded a point. Each time a checkpoint is reached, the location of the checkpoint is switched. The first team to score 10 points wins.

[edit] Influential VIP

In this variant, non-VIP players are given special attributes while standing near the VIP. This variant encourages teams to move as a whole group, rather than go off on their own.

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