Valhalla is one of the original maps to come with Halo 3. Its one of the larger maps in the game. It was also one of the maps included in the Halo 3 Beta.


[edit] Vehicles

The vehicles of Valhalla depend upon which gametype or playlist you are playing during matchmaking. For example, the Capture the Flag gametype on Valhalla usually doesn't include any Wraiths or Banshees. This is the usual list of vehicles included.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Equipment and Powerups

There are no powerups on Valhalla.

[edit] Strategies

Controlling the middle is vital on Valhalla. In the middle, you have a view of the entire map. From here, you can utilize the Sniper Rifle and Spartan Laser efficiently. It is also where the Spartan Laser spawns. Players will continue to respawn in and around their original base. It is important for a sniper to watch these areas. Calling out positions of the enemy for the sniper will also make things run smoother on this map. Utilizing the vehicles is also very important. In Slayer game variants, you'll find a Wraith and a Banshee on each side of the map. These vehicles can be unstoppable if your team manages to keep the enemies away from the weapons needed to destroy them. If your having trouble taking back over the map due to these vehicles, then you need to quickly work as a team to take over the Spartan Laser in the middle or even easier, the Missle Pod at your base. You can also use a Power Drainer or Plasma Pistol to deactivate the engines of vehicles for a short period of time, allowing you to either destroy or hijack them with ease.

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