Vidmaster Challenge: Annual

After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary difficulty LIVE co-op, with the Iron Skull enabled, and everyone in Ghosts.

Possibly one of the funnest missions ever done in Halo 3. In order to do this you need a well balanced and dedicated team.

As soon as the first gravity hammer flood appears on your right jump up this little cliff face all the way to the back and you can shoot the flood easily from there without any risk of you dieing. This will eat your ammo tho.

Once you start climbing the structure go in groups of 2... one ahead and one watching your flank to make this as easy as possible. Also, when you reach the ghosts be extremly careful that you dont fall off the clif face and when you are going across the falling platforms make sure you are in a straight line and can see the person ahead and behind you (if any) on your radar.

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