Volume 1

Album Description
With video-game soundtracks developing into a full-fledged genre of their own, the meticulous remixing, compiling, and production on 2004's HALO 2 heralded the trend.
Reworked versions of the video game's original theme music by Michael Salvatori and Marty O'Donnell take up the bulk of the album, with an overall sound that owes a debt to contemporary electronica, New Age ambient, 1970s stadium rock, and orchestral music alike.
The surging, cinematic vibe of HALO 2 's original score offsets the alternative-rock and metal acts that populate the rest of the set list.
Track Listing

1. Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix
2. Blow Me Away
3. Peril
4. Ghosts of Reach
5. Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey)
6. Heretic, Hero
7. Flawed Legacy
8. Impend
9. Never Surrender

10. Ancient Machine
11. 2nd Movement of the Odyssey
12. In Amber Clad
13. Last Spartan
14. Orbit of Glass
15. 3rd Movement of the Odyssey
16. Heavy Price Paid
17. Earth City
18. High Charity
19. 4th Movement of the Odyssey

20. Remembrance

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