Vulture Gunship

The Vulture Gunship (AC-220 Gunship) is featured in Halo Wars and is one of the UNSC's most powerful flying unit, an armored flying tank that was used in the Human-Covenant War. Although the Vulture Gunship is slower than other UNSC flying units like the hornets, it is armed with devastating missiles launchers and heavily armored.
Vulture Gunship

The Vulture Gunship can be constructed at the UNSC Airpad with requirement of six population, level 4 tech, and 900 resources. It takes long time to construct one and it needs highly trained pilots, so it is advised to be used in long lasting battles.

The Vulture Gunship can attack both air and ground units, and though that it is really slow in movement, it will take a lot of damage before destruction. When the Vulture is damaged, it will take a time before repair is done, so little amount is to be constructed and used in tactical situations.

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