Winter Contingency

Winter Contingency is the second level and first playable level. It follows immediately the events of Noble Actual. In this level Noble Team is sent to a small village town, Visegrad. To investigate why a Outpost relay has gone down. This outpost is responsible to getting communication to the rest of the UNSC. They Team is also sent to discover what happened to the Troopers that were sent there first.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] NOBLE Team

Once you get out of the Falcon spirit down to the building below and wait for the Team to catch up.Once there wait for the talking to finish and run across to the next building. After that you will be sent to see more Heat signatures and be told to head East. Once there if you are quick enough and run to your east and outside, you will see a Skirmisher behind you. If not continue through the buildings until you see, some Covenant.

Kill the enemies on the roof and go down the stairs to your right. Throw some grenades killing the Skirmishers and Grunts. You will be then told a Dropship will be coming head down and hide behind the concrete road blocks and pick off your targets. Once they are killed run across the river and kill the rest of the Covenant. This is your first fight with the Elites.

[edit] Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns

Go down and grab the car, drive along and turn right when you first can. Kill the Skirmishers and continue driving. Continue straight until told, there are people ahead. Get out and kill them. Drive through the building and turn right. Continue to the marked spot, once there kill all the enemies and move again to the next spot. After that, you will face sort of like a Firefight section where you need to defend some troopers, inside there is a DMR yo help you out. Once you have defended the troopers you will have to get into a Falcon.

Once again, you will have to defend a spot. This is not difficult and there is ammo for your DMR inside the building too.

[edit] Skeleton Crew

Once inside head over to the dead marine, this will activate a cut-scene. Once, that is finished you will then have to go and kill the enemies, be careful as their are a lot of grenades being throw in a small space. This being said, Grenades will help a lot too. As it can go both ways.

Walk around killing the enemies, be careful as they are in groups. There is two Elites with one having a sword, so do not get to close. Once all the enemies are dead the level will finish with a cut scene. This will begin the next level, ONI: Sword Base.

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