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The Wraith is the Covenants main battle tank. Its heavy armour makes it extremely difficult to destroy. But this toughness comes at a heavy price; because of the sheer weight its very slow.

A Wraith is armed with a plasma mortar of great destructive power, this is achieved by lobbing huge balls of plasma high into the air. It also hovers above the ground, and is quite maneuverable. As a player vehicle, while slow, the Wraith is highly maneuverable and is piloted as easily as the UNSC Scorpion. Unlike the Scorpion however, as a hover vehicle you can strafe, which is highly useful when fighting other Wraith or enemies with slow mortar projectiles.

A second player can hop in the turret for up close protection. The Wraith's weak spot is its' engine; which is located at the back of the Wraith. Meleeing the back armor plates and placing a few grenades inside the motor will cause sufficient damage to destroy this heavy vehicle.


[edit] Comparison of Convenant Wraith and UNSC Scorpion

Comparisons between the Wraith and Scorpion are inevitable, since the two are the heavy artillery tanks of either side.


  • Both are easily piloted and very easy to control
  • Both are slow and can be victims of missiles and other anti tank weaponry
  • Both sport very powerful weapons that do massive damage to enemies, and can destroy smaller vehicles with a single shot.
  • Both have splash damage on their weapons


  • The Wraith is a hover vehicle, and can strafe from side to side, while the Scorpion must turn its body in order to move side to side. This gives the Wraith an edge in maneuverability
  • The Wraith has a forward fixed firing energy mortar, while the Scorpion's turret rotates 360° in any direction (and can rotate continuously in a single direction).
  • The while both tanks can aim higher or lower, the Wraith's energy mortar fires in a slow arc, while the Scorpion's artillery shell fires straight and arrives at its target nearly instantaneously. This means that while the two may have a similar rate of fire, the Scorpion will land its barrage of shots sooner than the Wraith, and is also far more effective against air units and units at a distance.
  • The Wraith's Energy Mortar appears to have a larger splash area effect when it lands.
  • The Wraith's energy mortar's speed and high arc travel makes it very difficult to target long distance targets, as you must experiment to have your attack land on the enemy. Its mortars are also easily avoided by enemies in the distance.
  • In Campaign mode, the Scorpion can transport up to 4 troops who sit on either side of the tank, the Wraith can only transport a co-gunnery player, and no Covenant seem to want to do this in the single player campaign. Therefore, the other Covenant in your party are prone to being run over or fall victim to splash damage from your own mortar canon.

For many of the above reasons, the Scorpion is actually the superior vehicle.

[edit] Tactics

The Wraith is primarily a heavy assault vehicles, but a tactical mastery of the vehicle can only be achieved when it is being piloted by a player who not only knows how to use the vehicle as an assault vehicle and a mortar tank, but as an escort vehicle and in a defensive role too. The weapon's plasma cannons cannot be used online, but to make up for this, you have access to the boost feature and the main cannon fires faster. Lets talk tactics.

[edit] Offensive

The Wraith's gun is not always used to the best of it's ability by players online. When you're being attacked by a Wraith in Campaign mode, you will notice that you're encounter with the Wraith starts long before you ever see it. The Wraith will always be using it's cannon as a mortar device, firing at a high angle over mountains, hills and buildings to hit it's target by using a specific trajectory. If you remember to do this online and master the art of hitting certain points across the map from a fortified and defended position, you will be causing havoc with the Wraith in no time. This is the primary reason the Wraith is so limited at close range. It is slow moving and takes up to 4 seconds to do a 180 degree turn. If a player jumps on the front or back, there is no way to get them off you, besides a team mate shooting them or you hitting them wish splash damage of your wraith cannon by shooting a nearby wall. Clearly not a favoured tactic. The Wraith is a long range vehicle. Remember this.

Splash damage is one of the wraith's strong points aswell. When you're fighting vehicles like Warthogs or Ghosts, don't try to be the perfectionist and hit them dead on. More often than not, you will miss and they will be gone. Lead the target, and even if you do miss, you will hit them with the splash damage which will most likely cause them to flip or lose control of the vehicle.

[edit] Defensive

The Wraith surely falls into the category of a vehicle that supports the "a good defense is a good offense" saying. What I mean is that the Wraith shines when it is firing at range, keeping enemies at bay that have no way of taking out a tank at long range. If you put a hill between you and a player with a Rocket Launcher, only one of you will be able to shoot over that hill, and it won't be the player. Never go forward with the Wraith, even if you're on offense. Use the Wraith from a fortified position where it cannot be boarded or attacked from behind, so even while you are at a defensive position with the mammoth tank, it will still be lending as much of a helping hand to the offense as the players inside the base are.

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