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[edit] Overview

Zanzibar made it's debut in Halo 2's multiplayer. It was a large map, set on Earth, in Africa. Hence, Zanzibar. The map was a medium to large sized map, and the reason it was such a fan favourite map was how it catered for every preference of playing style. I will go more into detail about that in a moment.

The map was primarily an assault style map. Besides Slayer, one-sided objective type games like One Flag CTF or Assault were the favoured gametypes for this map. They worked best for the simple reason that the map only had one base, and the entire rest of the map lead into that base. This set the scene for a good Attack/Defense round of gameplay every time. On the far side of the map, the Attacking team spawned on the beach. The whole length of the map, there was the Sea Wall, which ran the entire length of the middle of the map. You could get up on the sea wall and use it as a sniping position, or go straight through it on foot or through the big gate at the end of it to get access to the Base Compound.

The Base Compound encompassed everything on the opposite side of the Sea Wall. When you come through the sea wall, before you have direct access to the base, there will be 2 structures between you and it. First is Camp Fromann. This is the position at the far end of the gate through the sea wall. It is primarily a sniper position, providing the player with an elevated platform from which to snipe or even just get the high ground advantage over your enemy. A large dirt mound also lead up the side of Fromann on the base side of the structure. This was a preferable vantage point, as the large building of Fromann beside you provided solid cover for sniping.

In the middle of the compound is Zanzibar's giant wheel. We can assume that this preforms some kind of energy supply, as the base itself houses a huge generator. The wheel constantly spins at a low frequency. It is attached to a bridge and a tower. The tower joins to the sea wall, so if you use the sea wall to get into the tower, you can then go up the tower and follow the bridge along the wheel. The bridge leads through the center of the wheel and onto a platform that will bring you into the second level of the base.

The base is heavily fortified. It has two forward-mounted Turrets on either side of the front of the base and the entire base itself is built right into the back of the map, so the only places you have to worry about defending from attackers are the front and sides. It was a 2 story base. The ground floor had 3 entrances. One on either side, under the turret nests at the front, and the large gate on the right hand side of the base. This gate was locked at the start of each round, but you could open it via a control panel on the first floor. The first floor had five entrances too. One via a broken window over the big gate. Another was also by a broken window on the opposite side, and there were 3 entrances all beside eachother at the front. Two of them were small entrances, each directly behind either gun turret, and one was a large front entrance that lead in off the bridge from the wheel.

[edit] Weapons and Equipment

Zanzibar was not only balanced in it's gameplay dynamics, but also in it's weapon spawns.

  • Sniper Rifle - The Human Sniper Rifle spawned on Camp Fromann. As the Camp was middle ground on the map, there was always a question as to which team would nab it from the camp.
  • Shotgun - The Shotgun spawned on the sea wall, on the ground right at the base of the tower that lead up onto the bridge across and through the wheel.
  • Energy Sword - The Sword spawned inside the wheel. The way you had to grab it was to knock the bridge down first, so you could get inside the wheel, then drop into one of the niches while the wheel is turning. There will be a hole in the wall when you drop down which houses the Energy Sword. A good tip at the start of a round, to save time, is to perfect the art of getting a grenade in behind the sword so it falls out of the wheel. This saves precious time, and the time it takes you to get around the sea wall and throw a grenade is much less time than it would take the enemy team to get out of the base and onto the wheel to take the sword.

[edit] Vehicles

The vehicles spawned on the Beach side of the map, as well as one vehicle outside the base in some cases.

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